Adobe After Effects training

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Adobe After Effects training

Adobe After effects is an indispensable partner in creating visual effects with 2D or 3D rendering. It is very useful for professionals or beginners who want to get into 3D and compositing projects. On the other hand, to master it you have to learn the various techniques and above all acquire a very good method. This training will then be presented as an unfailing support in order to understand all the ins and outs of this computer program. In addition, the various modules will allow technicians to follow an accelerated professional development. In addition, if you are in Montreal, Laval or Longueuil, you can take a seminar and courses to optimize your level.


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First encounter with Adobe After Effects

  • General presentation of the software
  • Explanation of all parameters
  • User interface overview
  • Workshop on how to use the timeline?
  • Know the basics of layer assembly
  • Understand keyframes and all graphs
  • Concepts of shots, sequences and entry and exit points
  • Explanation on the basics of video and digital

Coaching on 2D animation

  • How to use and customize the workspace?
  • Everything you need to know about importing content
  • How to manage media and graphics?
  • How to plan the projects to be done on the workspace?
  • Know how to configure and configure projects and even compositions
  • Know how to assemble the layers and synchronize them
  • Understand with the help of a teacher all the additional settings and options
  • Manage 2D compositing
  • From managing layers to creating solids
  • Create 2D visual effects
  • Showcase all graphic apparel
  • Principles of transparency and masks

Continuing education on 3D

  • Understand all 3D scripts
  • Deepening on the three-dimensional staging
  • Inserting cameras and lights
  • Understand all basic techniques and uses
  • Capture all effects and 3D printing
  • How to export and import animations?
  • How to animate texts?
  • Integration of projects in the chain
  • How to optimize the rendering of 3D projects?
  • Compress
  • The various output and input formats
  • Tips and tricks to know
  • Notions of rotoscoping
  • Make tracks
  • Company training to perform all effects on a project
  • Materials teaching the use of textures
  • Perfectly capture the entire 3D space
  • Optimal management of the Z axis
  • How do I integrate 3D files into the workspace?