Ableton Live Training

Abelton Live Audio Design Course

Brief description

Ableton Live is a sequencer looper that allows composition and arrangement, but is primarily intended for live use.


This course allows you to use, in a functional and efficient way, the main applications of the Ableton Live software. The student is therefore able to make good use of Ableton Live in its most common applications, in order to create sets of DJ live or his own musical compositions.


. Software work logistics;

. Mix it;

. plugins;

. The time stretch and the audio loops;

. Parameter automation;

. The different stages of creating a live set and a musical piece;

. Rewire mode with other software;

. Audio recording of a track;

. Backup and export modes of the final result of a project.

The Ableton Live course is based on a personalized approach, depending on your initial skills and those you wish to acquire.

This private Ableton Live training really meets your needs and allows you to deepen your knowledge, at your own pace. The lesson schedule is planned according to your availability.

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