Facebook and professional business courses

Facebook page strategy training for business

Professional Facebook page training in business or privately

This training on Facebook page management and creation for businesses is a must for your business. You will learn how to create a Facebook page in a professional and efficient way. A workshop on managing an online Facebook community, the pitfalls to avoid for SMEs. Your practical session will be in the form of coaching on your personal project regarding your presence in the social media in business. Your objective becomes an “imperative” for us. This Facebook training is aimed as much at the employee in a online marketing, digital content creator, social media manager, marketer, director and business entrepreneur in any field that requires an active and constant presence on Facebook and social media.


Course on managing a Facebook page for business

Establishing a winning strategy with Facebook




How to Create a Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

  • advantage and disadvantage of the Facebook group or page in a business context
  • creation of the Facebook administrator file
  • establish the name of the company's Facebook page
  • training on managing the administrator interface
  • action plan on the use of application for its Facebook page


Promote your Facebook page on social networks and other media

  • creation of hyperlinks and memento to his Facebook page
  • integration of the various social media sharing modules (share)
  • Facebook competitor analysis training
  • share our business content and activities on other Facebook pages, relational strategy

Boost exchanges on your corporate Facebook page

  • learn how to delegate your business page admin and contributor roles
  • establish the editorial line and content of your business page on Facebook
  • how to create corporate events on facebook
  • Facebook training workshop on how to interact with your visitors
  • course on interacting with your Facebook fans
  • crisis management on Facebook, pitfalls to avoid and winning strategies on Facebook

Content creation for your Facebook page

  • design “landing pages” for users
  • Edit from graphic content optimized for your Facebook page
  • Learn tools such as Illustrator for creating images for your page
  • create business-specific features and dynamic options
  • learn how to manage contests and surveys on Facebook
  • how to create a store for purchases on facebook
  • overview of Facebook business page management tools and applications

Facebook Ad Campaign Training – Introduction

  • set up effective facebook advertising
  • Study the differences between a Facebook campaign and a Google Adwords campaign
  • plan the budget and objectives of the advertising campaign
  • choose approaches and formats for our Facebook ads
  • measure your campaigns and KPIs

 Understand the statistics available on Facebook

  • anticipate the behavior of our fans on Facebook
  • measure your return on social media investment
  • analysis of our graphic data and profile of our Facebook fans
  • Exploitation of data to optimize Facebook and web campaigns with a Adwords workshop


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