Social Media and Twitter Training for SMEs

Twitter training for business


The web is now the largest platform in the world and the largest network for exchanging data between people around the world. Combined with the internet which is today the largest communication network in the world, man can derive unlimited benefits from it. Only with this boom that the world of communication has experienced, new technologies have appeared and now represent the occupation of many people. These are obviously the social media which constitute in this 21st century one of the greatest virtual attractions which bring together millions of people. Among these social networks, Twitter comes in a good position and wins a prestigious place. Only, this social network is not only a place of communion, but it is also an excellent support for a company. This workshop will then allow you to demonstrate all the facets that will be useful for the expansion of your "business" both at Montreal what to Ottawa and everywhere else.


An overview of the use of Twitter in your business 

How does the social network disseminate information?

How does Twitter maintain relations between your company and the press?

How does social media cover your events?

How does the social network work as an after-sales service for your products?

Use of Twitter for your marketing department and its pivotal function in your communication


Reinforcement on how Twitter works

How to create an account and how to personalize it?

Training on the terms followers, followings, hashtags, DM and RT

How to promote your account and how to increase the visibility of your company?

How to measure its activities and its presence on your account?

Course on the caliber, jargon and format of social network posts, messages and URLs.

Organization of resources and distribution of tasks and roles within your company


The best strategy to adopt on social media

Coaching particular in order to define your objectives on the social network

What device should be activated to monitor your account?

Some winning examples of using Twitter

How to boost the traffic of the company's professional blog?

How to publicize its activities on the VQuebec City but also everywhere else?

What are the essential tools to use?


Social media best practices

Even if the social media Twitter is a very useful means in your "business", it is still necessary to avoid certain errors.


An approach on good practices to be appropriated

The behavior to have on this social network.