Private Cubase training

Brief description

Cubase is a music sequencer that comes in different versions for amateurs as well as advanced users.


This course allows the student to effectively use current Cubase applications in order to carry out his personal or professional projects.


. Sound card configuration and audio settings

. Noon

. audio

. Creating a track and assigning it to directories

. Virtual instruments (VST)

. Transferring MIDI tracks to audio

. Stretch/pitch

. Configuration of the inputs and outputs of the sound card

. Tempo/signature

. Overview of the mix

. Transfer tracks to stereo


Know how to use a computer.

Pedagogical approach

The Cubase course is based on a personalized approach adapted to your initial skills and those you wish to acquire.

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This Cubase training will really meet your needs and will offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, at your own pace. The schedule is planned according to your availability.

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