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When it comes to master Adobe Premiere in Ottawa for the video montage, it is essential to follow training that is both practical and adapted to your specific needs. This is where our offer of training in Toronto stands out. Our experienced teachers understand that every client has video projects unique and varied skills. That is why our courses are designed to be flexible and focused on your real needs.

Our teachers will work closely with you to understand your goals and the challenges you face in your work video montage. You will not follow a generic program, but rather a tailor-made training which will allow you to meet challenges specific to your sector or to your projects.

The collaborative aspect of our courses is another major advantage. You will have the opportunity to work on real projects,learn Adobe Premiere by practicing and solving concrete problems with the help of our teachers. You can ask questions in real time and get accurate answers that will instantly improve your video editing skills.

In the end, choose Adobe Premiere training with our teachers in Ottawais investing in your expertise in video montage in an efficient and personalized manner. You will gain tangible, career-relevant skills, while developing a deep understanding of application in the context of your projects. Join us today for an experience of collaborative training which will propel you towards success in the field of video montage.

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Adobe Premiere Course Objectives in Ottawa

The main objective is to make you understand all Adobe Premiere features Then

to allow you to have all the tools in hand in order to achieve the most beautiful


Special features of the Adobe Premiere Video Editing training in Ottawa

Everyone must have at least some basics in handling the computer tool and

especially being able to use a video camera. Otherwise, you can always opt for lessons

private lessons or private lessons provided by the team. On the other hand, a coaching in

business is offered to companies wishing to embark on building another strategy.

General presentation of the Adobe Premiere software
  • Interface ergonomics
  • The different menus
  • Interface customization tool
  • Adobe Premiere software setup
  • Previews on output formats
  • Choice on preferences
  • Learn all about video input and output.
Work on Adobe Premiere
  • Timecode
  • Overscan and Interlace
  • Create a montage
  • The type of mounting to choose
  • Video In and Out points
  • Use of markers
  • Import rushes and other assets
  • Adjust themes, filters and transition effects

Audio file management

  • Sound file processing
  • Choice of fade in or fade out effects
  • Process audio filters
  • Manage Audio Mixer

Edit on Adobe Premiere

  • Transition tools
  • Editing the video
  • Add sequences or modifications using the transitions palette
  • Find a generic
  • Add effects
  • Add typography

Professional perfection to increase assembly capabilities

  • How to create a project
  • Make inlays
  • Composition techniques

Render and output file

Learn Adobe Premiere cc and corporate video creation private lessons Montreal