Adobe Acrobat DC Dynamic Stamp Tutorial

This is a tutorial that shows you how to create your own dynamic stamp on Adobe Acrobat DC. In this video, I will show you how to use Javascript to display the date on which the stamp is placed and respond to user input to print a name.

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  1. Bobbie Thompson
    Bobbie Thompson dit :

    This is a great tutorial. I was able to create a submittal review stamp for my husband, but I can’t seem to find a good video on how to create the select/check boxes for the Approved/Reviewed/Rejected/Revised. Has anyone seen a good tutorial on that? After spending the time to create the stamp this far, I really don’t want to pay a company to make the dang thing:)

  2. Engrav Law Office
    Engrav Law Office dit :

    Great video, best I’ve seen on the subject. I’d recommend posting the code in the description of the video so people can copy/paste.

    Also, where I get stuck is, I enter the first code: app.getPath("user","stamps"); and I get a url/path that does not exist. I’m acrobat dc pro on a pc. When I use the script it shows this: /C/Users/Grant/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Acrobat/DC/Stamps. However, when I get to "Grant" there is no appdata to click into. (I’ve tried copy and pasting the url but nothing happens.) Any advice?

  3. Cindy Morrow
    Cindy Morrow dit :

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  4. glimm3141
    glimm3141 dit :

    Any suggestions for inputting the tallies on the boxes? I coincidentally am working on a submittal stamp with very similair layout.

  5. Theola Ross
    Theola Ross dit :

    I have created dynamic stamps in an earlier version of Adobe. I was able to add a seal, that being a graphic, as a separate part of the seal A two page document- One was the image, the other was text. Is that not an option in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017?

  6. Deer Phoria
    Deer Phoria dit :

    Great video. I only want the stamp to show up on the first page of each document. How can that be done without opening all the documents?

  7. Jojo Carrillo
    Jojo Carrillo dit :

    worked for me… but i am interested in the one where it showed that you had to choose one of the status options. your submittal stamp is really useful in document review process in addition to digital signatures.

  8. Charly Ricardez
    Charly Ricardez dit :

    Aleph I lear so much from your video, but could you help me how can i make a multiple field, i only see videos that show me how works, but not how make. Thanks in advance

  9. Seaghan Hancocks
    Seaghan Hancocks dit :

    This is very helpful, however I too, have not been able to duplicate the results. I note in the version of Acrobat that I’m running, "Acrobat Pro DC" that there is only a single file in the user folder that contains all the stamps… or I should say, most of my stamps… however that’s not the issue here.

    It there a way that the stamp can be placed on the page without the extra approval step? I find the dynamic stamps that come with Acrobat very useful as I’m the only one using this computer. So, I’m trying to achieve the same effect each time I place a stamp, my name and date appear?

    Again, very helpful. I’ll persevere until it’s working 😉

  10. Bridget Coffey
    Bridget Coffey dit :

    Great video! I managed to replicate the dynamic time stamp (I don’t need the name just now). Do you have a video that shows dynamic stamps with text boxes?

  11. Michael L
    Michael L dit :

    Nice job… I haven’t yet replicated the results… but I think I’ll be able to follow along and make it work. You MAY have gone a tad fast for some people, but not me personally – that’s what "pause" and "rewind" are for, right?


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