Acrobat DC Tips & Tricks with Chris Converse: Edit Your PDFs

Learn how to edit your PDFs like a pro with tips from Chris Converse. Tune in for episode 1 of « Acrobat DC Tips & Tricks. »

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  1. Manuel Oranga
    Manuel Oranga dit :

    The one I’m trying to find out is how to change the background on my PDF background? Instead of white background with black text, it’s the other way around to lesson the strain in my eyes.

  2. KoKo :*
    KoKo :* dit :

    Do you know how I can add an image field for a consent form I’ve typed up? I want to be able to add a picture of their ID to it.

  3. Al Biss
    Al Biss dit :

    Hi, just to say that it is ‘après-ski’ with the ‘grave accent’ and not ‘aprés-ski’ with the accute accent.
    I know this is not a French tutorial but I thought I could share the info. 🙂
    This tutorial is very interesting, and your way of explaining and demonstrating is simple and to the point. Kudos!

  4. katford7286
    katford7286 dit :

    Hi, How do I change the actual white default background in a pdf to a different color? I’m not referring to the ability to make the change in the accessibility area. I’m talking about changing the white default paper to a different color. Thanks so much!


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