3ds Max Basic 3D Floor Plan Modeling | Wall Door Windows Tutorial

Learn 3ds Max tutorial how to make 3D floor plan with some easy tools like wall, door and windows, check it out!!!

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24 réponses
  1. Garrett O'Brien
    Garrett O'Brien dit :

    Tutorials have directions and speaking… this is not a tutorial. Also the way you are modeling is the longer method to doing things. You can make a spline wall by creating the rectangle, and extruding it. Also you can add splines in for windows and doors so when you extrude the windows are already cut out and you have windows in place without having to touch them

  2. Archmeister94
    Archmeister94 dit :

    how is this a tutorial, it just you making something with some music in the background? Im gonna record myself taking a shit and put some music with it and call it a tutorial on how to shit. You don’t even have captions telling us what to do or why you did it.

  3. SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore
    SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore dit :

    Even though video is without voice but with background music, still it is very good. Completed it with satisfactorily.


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