How to Create a Clickable PDF with InDesign

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14 réponses
  1. Ronae Stith
    Ronae Stith dit :

    Hey Teela!

    Do you have a tutorial on how to make images like the thumbnail for this one? Hoping to design clickable pdf’s and printables similar to these in the near future. I’m not a fan of the typical "styled stock" photos, so minimal yet eye-catching display images like the thumbnail on this are perfect!

  2. vanessazoydable
    vanessazoydable dit :

    I love your tutorials 🙂 thanks! Just one question: The font didn’t need to be embedded in the pdf? Some of my peers always convert to outlines before exporting, although usually for print. Any advice? Thanks.

  3. pini2k
    pini2k dit :

    Perfect timing! I just got started with InDesign for a new project and was wondering how I could make a clickable PDF. Thank you for the great tutorial, Teela. You’ve helped me loads with all things Adobe 🙂

  4. Kia Matthews
    Kia Matthews dit :

    You can also create a pdf with live hyperlinks using the Adobe presets method. On the second dialog box there’s a check box for hyperlinks.

  5. Gustav Holmström
    Gustav Holmström dit :

    How do I make a pdf where the end user can edit some lines of the text and then print it? Like a form for example 🙂
    In my case I want to make a poster that my friends can reuse by changing the date, but they don’t have inDesign – only adobe reader 🙃

  6. Myeeka Carmelita
    Myeeka Carmelita dit :

    Hello, I see you have a video on editable pdf forms but I was wondering how to make a fill out form in indesign that you want to use specifically for Web use.

  7. Steve Brannon
    Steve Brannon dit :

    Could you add a link to another page inside your InDesign document? For example, could you make it so that clicking on your logo would jump to the 5th page of your InDesign document?


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