You ORGANIZE your PHOTOS BETTER with LIGHTROOM tips and tricks

You can ORGANIZE your PHOTOS by the BEST LIGHTROOM tips and tricks

sort the photos is extremely important to an efficient workflow. Lightroom plays an important role in this. I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to share the one I used for years, my photo organization simple and efficient (and there is a bonus print idea!)

Incredibly the owner of the SD card


Hard drive external hard drive


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A book about a 1-2-1 workshop here (I’m in some places from the left in 2017, the price – but be quick!) –

Instagram –


WE, the viewers (all of the devices now listed with my comments on Amazon, the influence of the channel) –

Full-format SLR cameras

The main landscape camera – Nikon D810 –
Great tele – nikkor 70-200m f/2.8
Fav lens is the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 –
Best for landscapes – Nikon 16-35mm f/4 –
Super light Benro tripod travel-United KINGDOM /
WE –
A must for tripod
Lightweight tripod Benro Mach3-tripod – Carbon-fiber
Favorite-large-cap – NiSi 10-stop filter
Lee Filter landscape Kit Pro (for NISI)

Impressive Landscape Mirrorless System

Fujifilm X-Q2 –
Awesome Bokeh Fuji XF35mm F2 –
Killer wide-angle Fuji 10-24mm F4
GorillaPod – (as you can see in the previous video)


Yi 4K+ action camera (SUPER) –
Rode Lav Mic
High-gloss tripod clamping jaws
Zoom recorder
The squirrels Lav-mic –


Matte Paper

Photo speed NST high-gloss-White –
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Barium (semi-gloss) paper

Photo speed Signature Platinum-Barium –
Canson Baryta Photographique –

50 replies
  1. Michael Puffer
    Michael Puffer says:

    Very, very informative video! One question: What online service are you using for storing your photos? Thanks again for everything you do! Cheers 🙂

  2. Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell says:

    Really good stuff Nigel. Learned loads about Lightroom. All the more enjoyable cos I also live in the Peak District (Hathersage) Many thanks

  3. iqueque
    iqueque says:

    Thanks for this, Nigel. Some interesting ideas to try. One question, for your Instagram export, you specify size, but use 300 dpi. My understanding is that screens typically require only 72 dpi. Does the higher quality affect the result?

  4. Rick O
    Rick O says:

    Hey Nigel. Thanks for this content. Love your channel. Does keeping your LR catalog and images on an external SSD drive vs a local SSD drive affect speed and performance when doing complex photo editing in LR? I am using a 2017 Dell XPS laptop with 16GB or RAM and trying to optimize performance. When using brushes and other advanced editing tools and such it will often hiccup/slow down.

  5. mediumdun18
    mediumdun18 says:

    cant tell you how many articles/videos I’ve poured over on this topic and this one makes complete sense . New to channel and subscribed…..excellent and many thanks

  6. Leo Smith Photo
    Leo Smith Photo says:

    Another useful video, Nigel. Many thanks 🙂 Any chance you could do a video on where to focus in Landscape photography for maximum frame sharpness — for instance, when use hyperfocal distance VS. focus 1/3 into frame VS. focus to infinity VS. focus stacking, and obviously which aperture. Cheers and Best Wishes, Leo.

  7. Ian Pearson
    Ian Pearson says:

    It is really nice to see someone show how they organise they’re work through the computer, how ever it would be nice to see how you organise your place’s through google earth like how you add your locations with a photo and discription of ideas, just an idea of a new video if you are upto the challenge.

  8. Bay Van
    Bay Van says:

    I use a similar procedure for importing and organizing but I copy the images in folders from the card using windows explorer since it is much faster than Lightroom especially with M.2 drives then add the folder to the Lightroom catalog. As for culling I only pick photos I don’t waste time rejecting if the photo isn’t picked then it means it is rejected.

  9. patrice caron
    patrice caron says:

    Very helpful video as usual. I am using more or less the same workflow organized per year and months. The big difference is I spend more time (too much) adding some keywords and categories. Do you ever use the category case like lanscape portraits architecture … ?
    I didn’t know the tip to geo tag your images in LR.
    Thank you for this video and I love your tee shirt !

  10. Di Bartole
    Di Bartole says:

    would be interesting to find out about how you set up time capsule with the external hard drive – I couldn’t find out right procedure yet…

  11. Lee Wolfe
    Lee Wolfe says:

    Some great tips here, thanks for taking us behind the screens (as it were). Just curious, what online backup system do you use? Thanks again!

  12. Donncha Ó Caoimh
    Donncha Ó Caoimh says:

    I keep things even simpler. I’ll import into dated folders in yyyy-mm-dd format, and then use keywords or collections to organise the photos. I also import photos from my phone into a different directory structure so using keywords and collections keeps DSLR and phone photos in one place. It shouldn’t matter what directory your photos are in, the keywords and collections keep things organised.
    Also, use import presets with your most commonly used keywords. I use year, my country and local area since that’s where I’m most likely to be shooting.

  13. A cat
    A cat says:

    Very helpful video Nigel. The smart filters to see all your best photos is a great idea. Question – do you import all your photos to one single catalog? Do you not face any Lightroom slowdown issues with this setup? Thanks.

  14. Tony Hansom
    Tony Hansom says:

    An excellent video, thanks for sharing how you store your images, very helpful thank you and all the best for the New Year.

  15. richard mck
    richard mck says:

    Right up there with the best of Lightroom tutorials on Youtube! Concise, easy to follow and incredibly useful – watched several times, taken notes and will apply from here on in. Brilliant, thank you!!

  16. Erik Troostheide
    Erik Troostheide says:

    HI Nigel, great video, i hope you can do another video on the last bit for your pre-set Exports, the different options you have and the settings you have got. I think for a lot of people this is something they dont think about but should. Thanks!! Greetings from Canada

  17. Soumyadip Paul
    Soumyadip Paul says:

    Very helpful process Nigel. I usually organise as different catalogue. But recently it was becoming a little long process to edit a picture of different date/trip quickly. so really appreciated.

  18. Gavin J McGrath
    Gavin J McGrath says:

    Again, informative and, so, I began taking notes. My Lightroom work is moderately organised but you provide some extra tips I need. Thanks!

  19. Steve Matadobra
    Steve Matadobra says:

    Great video. Exactly what I needed at this point. Having some struggles managing images between the SD card, processing and storage. Really appreciate the vlog.

  20. Glenn Turnbull
    Glenn Turnbull says:

    Really very useful, thanks Nigel. Its a video I’ll use for reference often, I’m sure. I’m fairly well organised and have a similar set up, but yours goes that bit further. Thanks.

  21. Gavin Perry
    Gavin Perry says:

    Like many comments before me I will make some changes to my Lr, thanks to you 🙂 Two questions though, 1) do you catalog and store your videos in Lr and 2) where do you store all your family photos?

  22. Alex Berger
    Alex Berger says:

    Brilliant. Thank you! I have to admit, I’ve always been so focused on Develop, even after some 14,000 photos edited, that I haven’t ever clicked out of Develop over to "Map". I’ve always just geo-tagged in Flickr when I upload, or assumed it was going to be super complicated through a sync device. I have to admit, super embarassed. Mind blown. Thank you. THIS is why these types of tutorial videos are brilliant.

  23. MrWebon
    MrWebon says:

    One thing i didn’t get was if your exported files were in the same folders (e.g 2017>Q1>"subfolder name">"Full res JPG"), or in another year ("2017" for example) folder?.
    Also, do you use only one catalog?

    I recently discovered your channel and I’ve got to say that you’re amazing. You really stand out because you have a natural gift for transmitting knowledge.

  24. Amyn Farooqui
    Amyn Farooqui says:

    Hi. Very nice video. Here is my little big problem. I am using my MacBook Pro since last 8-10 years now and started with iPhotos and on LR since a few years. Its very difficult to manage all the data on a 500 GB HD so I keep coming back to my collection of photos and delete photos (raw) files. Now I am thinking of Rendering/Exporting photos to a lighter format and delete the photos of family etc. (not the photography that I do), though I dont want to. So the question is should I do that?? Or I can take everything to an external HD and connect the library of LR from there and never keep data on internal HD?? If I dont the Exports of the family photos what format should I go with as tiffs would be best quality but LARGE sizes?? And if I export then how should I export and bring exports back to the directory structure I am maintaining in LR??

  25. Jan Düblin
    Jan Düblin says:

    I’m about to improve my filestructure/workflow and i was struggling to find the one that suits me best. Thanks to your video i just found the missing piece of the puzzle 🙂 Thank you, Nigel and all the best.

  26. Allan Davies
    Allan Davies says:

    Hello Nigel, how on earth did I miss this one which I stumbled upon. Probably, the best one I have seen on organising your raw images. With some marvellous tips as well. So thank you very much as this vlog really got to the Heart of Lightroom…


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