MEETING ALL THE STARS! | Philadelphia Flyers Training Camp 2018 Vlog

MEETING ALL THE STARS! | Philadelphia Flyers Training Camp 2018 Vlog

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36 replies
  1. Austin Lundstrom
    Austin Lundstrom says:

    Classy of the players to stop what they’re doing to sign your stuff. They wanna do whatever they can to show love to the fans. Much respect to them. Go Flyers! Here’s to a great season.

  2. matt bailey
    matt bailey says:

    Hockey players are so humble. Being from the uk, you just wouldn’t get this interaction from football (soccer) players with fans

  3. James Fitzpatrick
    James Fitzpatrick says:

    it must be so cool to go to the practices and meet the players. I’m a rangers fan but I live on Long Island so I’m nowhere near the practice facility.

  4. MrProvincial
    MrProvincial says:

    Russian letters are different; "u" is how we spell "i", "B" is our version of "V", so Ivan’s signature kinda looks like "IPV" to me, which makes sence.

  5. Andrea DiBruno
    Andrea DiBruno says:

    Where do you get the photos that you had the players signed for you?? They look so nice and I want to see if I can get some pictures like that for the Flyers Carnival 🙂 Thankssss!


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