How to create and print High School Diploma

How to create and print High School Diploma

Video how to make own diplomas and certificates. Diploma making software is used for this.


Want to create something funny in no time? No problem, RonyaSoft poster design software will help you. Diploma printing software has loads of various templates, for instance: diplomas (high school diploma, university diploma, college diploma, diploma of business…), certificates (certificate of marriage, certificate of birth, certificate of recognition, etc..) Moreover easy-to-use interface of Diploma creator makes the work fast and entertaining.

Certificate making software offers not only high school diploma template, but are lots of poster templates.

It is not necessary to know complicated graphic tools like illustrator or Corel Draw. Create custom certificates yourself!

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  1. alfred gomez
    alfred gomez says:

    this is a joke….

    REAL diplomas have a "gold" seal sticker on them. Do NOT waste your time with this lazy attempt to fool someone.

  2. Людмила Логинова
    Людмила Логинова says:

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  3. Jay Jaye
    Jay Jaye says:

    why create a fake high school diploma when you can get a real one from a reputable  business that grants high school diplomas?

    I went to www secretgedloophole com/home-2 and I now have a legit accredited degree that colleges and employers accept.  Employers and colleges will not accept that fake degree and if they do and they find out, it will be trouble.

  4. clemsonbloke
    clemsonbloke says:

    Your high school diploma itself does not prove you are a graduate. You have to have a transcript from your school stating that you were graduated. Diploma’s today really mean nothing, they’re just for you to show on your wall. The Transcript is what matters, its a legal document that shows grades, dates of attendance, diplomas earned, etc.

  5. Zack Laster
    Zack Laster says:

    That’s fake and bullshit. Because it’s not gonna happen. Plus, it’s not gonna work on any way rather you’re GED or High School?

  6. Jamesclarkson
    Jamesclarkson says:

    This is sad and funny all at once for most college diplomas and BA, and higher are mostly useless, so what use is a high school diploma go figure this system is truly f*cke up in every way

  7. Ahmed tiku
    Ahmed tiku says:

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