3ds max – Spline modeling tutorial

3ds max beginners tutorial. This is a very popular tutorial about creating a mug using a line and applying a lathe and a turbosmooth modifier.
These Video Tutorials are step by step and spoken in words everyone and anyone can understand for beginners, or anyone interested in teaching themselves 3ds max. Enjoy.

Part – 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqzodcGvEcE

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  1. samy yousef
    samy yousef dit :

    Windy, all ur jobs terrific, here i couldn’t select the central edges at min 2.44 I used the mouse as ur video says but nothing highlighted!!

  2. SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore
    SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore dit :

    This video is excellent with good explanation. But still you would have improved it by enlarging wherever you are using tools so that they would be visible clearly. We cant make it which menu you selected in drop down menu due to non clear visibility. Else rest is very good.

  3. DaN Oliveira
    DaN Oliveira dit :

    I’m using 3ds max 2009. I couldn’t even draw the lines. Even though I hold shift key down, the line will go all bendy and not straight.

  4. markJ3086
    markJ3086 dit :

    great tutorial, i am just starting 3ds max with my college degree and its hard to remember the ways of creating things. Its great to start simple and have a tutorial that explains things in great detail without making the viewers feel thick for learning, plus i love the accent, makes listening so much easier


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