Photoshop Tutorial: FACE PAINT! How to Paint Graphics onto a Face.

Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial showing how to “paint” a graphic onto someone’s face, such as a flag or a sports team logo.

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47 réponses
  1. Fortnite Addicts
    Fortnite Addicts dit :

    when im trying to revel eyes using brush tool.. its getting painted in black colour. And in ps cc2017.. i have select and mask instead of refine edge.. in that when i select refine edge and select with brush,.. nothing happens and smart radius get deselected on its own plz reply and help soon.

  2. Cari Garafalo
    Cari Garafalo dit :

    It seems that CC nolonger has Refine Edge there in the Select menu section– it has replaced "Refine Edge…" with "Select And Mask…"

  3. Deduction Geek
    Deduction Geek dit :

    Hi! I’ve been watching your video tutorials recently, because I wanted to enhance my skills and learn photoshop. And your tutorials are amazing and are easy to catch up. Thank you for making videos. You deserve way more subs! Keep up the good work! x

  4. Vizerk
    Vizerk dit :

    This was a great help, I used this method to create my own speed art of Pennywise the Clown on my channel.

  5. ryan moreland
    ryan moreland dit :

    When adding the color back in from the eyes i get a message that says "Could not rasterize because the pixel data for this layer is not directly editable." What do I do?

  6. Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo dit :

    When I select the face with the quick selection tool, it is insanely aliased in the refine edge window, whereas yours is nice and smooth. Why?

  7. Ian Vieren
    Ian Vieren dit :

    hi, when I come to the point where I want to brush the eyes (mask), it doesnt do anything.. can someone pls help me?

  8. Sketchy
    Sketchy dit :

    Problem: I get to where I have to change the color of the eyes but when I brush it nothing happens

    Edit: It won’t put color on the black and white parts, it makes the clored parts black and white. I’m selecting the right layer too

  9. spacetoilet
    spacetoilet dit :

    Pinch FAILS every time for me. It seems like its distorting a much bigger image and not just my graphic, so I cant get the rounded shape. Anyone help?


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