Mixtape Cover Art Design – Photoshop CC Tutorial

It’s design the mixtape cover art. So take a look at how easy I made a mixtape cover art in Adobe Photoshop CC. Use a stock images texture as background effects, custom brushes and model. To create the impression of an art I use the filter effect poster edges and cutout on the model and finishes with camera raw. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

If too fast, you can select the speed at 0.25 or 0.5

Tutorial Resources:
Texture: https://goo.gl/RLRBkU
Model: https://goo.gl/BTUwhl
Kaos Brush: http://goo.gl/tzwwvK

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50 réponses
  1. Madame Juhan
    Madame Juhan dit :

    This is very cool. Just to add my two cents, you should not only continue to do the hands on tutorials but to actually explain some of the things you’re doing to get the image to where you got it. Just looking at the video is not enough sometimes.

  2. Jairzinho Abdul
    Jairzinho Abdul dit :

    If you can make a tutorial on how to do Joyner Lucas album cover of his “Mask off” cover, it would be highly appreciated

  3. Prod. By SELF
    Prod. By SELF dit :

    Awesome video. I make beats, and i’ve been looking to do my own album art for my work for a while. This perfectly showed me how to do that! Thank you again.


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