Expose Transform Trick for 3ds Max

In this video Shawn Hendriks explores the use of the expose transform helper in 3ds max to create quick motion graphic style animation

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  1. Josh Purple
    Josh Purple dit :

    Thank You again Shawn. It worked great 🙂 . I attempted your suggestion/idea on rotation, but I hit the ‘Illegal Cycle’ problem; "There is an illegal self reference involving the (object_name) in the ExposeTransform expose transform helper. In order to fix this the ExposeTransform expose node will be set empty." Any suggestions on avoiding that ‘illegal self reference’ for transforms?

  2. Riho Kroll
    Riho Kroll dit :

    This method doesn’t work for me if I try to transform position rather than change height of the object. It gives me a self reference error. Any ideas?

  3. shawn hendriks
    shawn hendriks dit :

    I’m not in front of max now so can’t fiddle with it but at a guess on way would be to select all the verts of the object you want to rotate and apply an xform modifier and then wire parameter to the subject gizmo rotation instead of the object transform.

  4. Michael Wentworth-Bell
    Michael Wentworth-Bell dit :

    Did not know about this, very awesome, thanks!

    Hope you make more tutorials on little-used but awesome Max features!

  5. Torvicz Torvicz
    Torvicz Torvicz dit :

    ive been using 3dsmax for more than 15 years but this is the first time i’ve seen this…..great! thanks for sharing. I’m hoping you could share more of this type of tutorial. Not the usual! kudos to you!

  6. Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall dit :

    Very cool, and very powerful tool that I didn’t even know about! Many thanks to Shawn for making this video and sharing it with us all.

  7. David Edwards
    David Edwards dit :

    lol yup, great to see this! as others have mentioned too, how do you do the rotating tiles effect? 🙂 I tried, but Max seems to get a little angry with me!

  8. 50LightSabersInAPack
    50LightSabersInAPack dit :

    I’m getting the wrong distance value from the expose transform object. With the tape, I’m measuring about 290cm, but the expose transform distance is giving me 116??

  9. Projex Middle East
    Projex Middle East dit :

    Well 99% people who watch this tutorial so thank full to all of us to remind there is an amazing tool that could do such things… you have save my life otherwise i was doing it 1 by 1

  10. Fabrizio Bogado
    Fabrizio Bogado dit :

    Its true! We forget wire parameters…
    Another option you’re forgetting its Array to copy that instantly!
    Thanks for your tutorial!

  11. shawn hendriks
    shawn hendriks dit :

    Let me see what I can do for you on this one. You can do it with lofting . but its been ages since I used the lofter in anger so I’d have to go take a look again. I’ve definitely done banked turns etc. though. It might be worthwhile doing a general lofting video to remind people of the tool and what it can do.

  12. Robert Bowen
    Robert Bowen dit :

    This has become my favorite helper in MAX. It’s not the one I use most often, obviously, but this has changed the way I look at certain problems. If you haven’t already, try making a stretchy IK limb with this. It’s awesome.


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