Top 10 Best Effects in After Effects

Here are the top 10 effects in Adobe After Effects in my opinion. Please let me know what you think of the best effects. Also, I will definitely be remaking this video down the road with your top effects. So please be sure to comment on this video and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Top 10 Plugins for After Effects:

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for After Effects:

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48 replies
  1. ShadowBullet
    ShadowBullet says:

    if you are reading this right now, somebody please help me to find a wway to install this software. I cant afford this one bc its too pricey. please if youre like me but you already installed it, teach meeee

  2. Director Cyclone
    Director Cyclone says:

    Hey man. question. How does the imac perform under heavy after effects usage? My 15 inch macbook pro is really starting to irritate me.

  3. JA Toons
    JA Toons says:

    I was going to tell you what was going on when you asked, but you didn’t give me time to tell you! How rude! 😡

  4. Justin Cordes
    Justin Cordes says:

    Can you do a video called "Top 10 After Effects Skills Every Editor Should Know"? I keep seeing job ads for video editors and they say "must know After Effects". But AE is so deep and your garden variety editor won’t be called on to do EVERYTHING AE does. So if you could make that video that would be excllent.

  5. DrFritzOrg Webmaster
    DrFritzOrg Webmaster says:

    It would be better to first show an example and then talking about it – for each of the effects.

  6. BAwesomeDesign
    BAwesomeDesign says:

    Why can’t anyone just do a video about the results? It’s always about how to use the damn tool. I don’t care about how to use the tool. I want to see the end result–which is really what it’s all about.

  7. Rg Bg
    Rg Bg says:

    thank u I really loved the video …..well I was searching for a video or anything to show me .  . .what every effects job , soi know it is hard to talk about it becouse its not few! , but can u do it it dose not have to be Allin one video )I will be thankful) .

  8. Aravind U
    Aravind U says:

    Can you prepare a tutorial on how we can add numbers as countdown while making "top 10" kind of videos.

  9. FunTie
    FunTie says:

    I think after effects is something to do with editing effects of a project from drawings to videos I commented when you said BTW

  10. Anderson Lenk
    Anderson Lenk says:

    Gradient Ramp
    Curves levels
    Fractal noise
    Fast blur
    Gaussian blur
    Remove grain
    CC particle world
    Warp stabilizer
    3D camera tracker
    Thanks bro, helped a lot.


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