The Design Studio – 3D Studio Max Animation

Developed in 3D Studio Max 8 by myself. Please note that the renderings were without V-Ray nor do I consider them to be representative of my current work at this time.

This is my second 3D Studio Max film and animation. The brief was to design and explore a “design studio”. It’s no way professional, and I hadn’t been using Max for long when I made it.

This has given a far bigger experience than the first film I had to make. The Mental Ray renderer was used and the furniture purchased online (except for the University of Liverpool model, Department of Mathematical Sciences model and others which were modelled by myself).

The artwork on ‘display’ are from a remote control project I worked on earlier this semester.

The River Crossing to Stalingrad by James Horner (from the film Enemy at the Gates)

Sarabande by George Frideric Handel

Canon in D major by Johann Pachelbel

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Matt Wilson
[email protected]

22 réponses
  1. TutorialMaker
    TutorialMaker dit :

    nice work. i could do something like this, but i just don’t got the patience to do so. i guess i took you a very long time.

  2. Bangon Kali
    Bangon Kali dit :

    the chair was focused a lot. i think the animator likes the chair.

    for the entire animation, it’s great! great job pro!

  3. Nickje3000
    Nickje3000 dit :

    i can see why it took so long to render. I recently made a realistic water effect, using showdows, particles and reflect/refract. Bad itea… Anyway nice work! 😀

  4. ceribral
    ceribral dit :

    Work on the overall lighting a bit more. There are alot of washed out shadows and incorrect lighting angles. Good overall concept though.

  5. GoDxDeSiGNs as
    GoDxDeSiGNs as dit :

    Wow man. This is sooo sick man. Unbelievable stuff. This would take me over 2 months to make. What was the render time? and how many frames were there?

  6. dedu15
    dedu15 dit :

    Wonderful 😀 –
    Small question: where did you leran to do all that, and how much time it took you to become pro?

  7. mwilso
    mwilso dit :

    My University degree course is titled Product Design with Multimedia. The title of this module is mentioned at the start of the film, Intermediate Virtual Reality, Visualisation and Simulation. Hope this helps

  8. Mandog20000
    Mandog20000 dit :

    the lighting on that looked amazing, not surprised it took so long to render.
    im learning 3d s max slowly ATM, will take me a long time to get as good as that though:)



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