Logo Formation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – No Third Party Plugins

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Hey Everyone, Welcome back again. This week’s Episode is super easy, for all the lazy people around the world, Your time is here. Watch this super easy Intro Tutorial, and build yourself an amazing looking Logo Reveal. Everything is built inside the After Effects, So, You don’t need to buy any other Plugin. This Tutorial is also covering how to use CC Ball action plugin in after effects, how to make quick logo reveal in after effects, how to make particles to logo animation, Watch this Tutorial, and Enjoy your brand new Intro.

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this.

Every single Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don’t forget to leave a Like.. 🙂


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Logo Intro Music: https://goo.gl/twKf7u

Lens Flare: https://goo.gl/ixSTsL


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Thanks for Watching.

47 replies
  1. Quorhbienarh Cobbienah
    Quorhbienarh Cobbienah says:

    Dude your too good or should i say…………………


  2. Jade
    Jade says:

    Avish you’re my very favorite of all! <3 you cover all the aspects of those who are just starting to learn AE! I just wanna hug you! <3

  3. Antonio Marcos Cecchini
    Antonio Marcos Cecchini says:

    Hi Guy! I’m new at your channel. Congrats for the job done! I’ve learned a lot until now! Thanks
    One question. Which screen recorder do you use?
    Best regards

  4. Karan Patil
    Karan Patil says:

    for me when i drop the cc ball effect, the particle only scatter till logo image dimension. my logo is quite big so i scale it down, it’s scattered effect look terrible and wont cover the entire composition just like in the video. only the scaled-down part of image gets scattered

  5. HidayaSeekr
    HidayaSeekr says:

    Hey, the CC force motion blur not work on me, the CC ball dissappear if i enable the force motion blur.

  6. Jasson Vega
    Jasson Vega says:

    Why can’t I import the flare video into after effects? It won’t let me import it because it’s a mov file.

  7. berky riyan prayudi
    berky riyan prayudi says:

    thanks for this easy to follow tutorial. i tried to practice make animation. the only thing that make me confuse & cant find solution is at my cc ball action, i had solid ball. not blury like in this tutorial. can you or someone please what mistake i done so i cant make blury ball? solid ball make my animation logo seems bad/unreal. thanks for solution

  8. Centerpin Fishing Addicts
    Centerpin Fishing Addicts says:

    Thank you for your time and posting this after effects intro how to. Cause of this I was finally able to create a decent intro, I think better then my previous 2. I’ll only get better, and my intro will be a ever evolving thing as I get better…

    Thanks again..

  9. kanishak goel
    kanishak goel says:

    Sir could you suggest some websites where i can find royalty free stock videos, images and sound effects?

  10. Keyblade Soul Lord
    Keyblade Soul Lord says:

    Hello 🙂 It’s a Great animation. But question, how do I do the rest of the animation? The glow around the logo and the slight shine going through it?
    EDIT: NVM, I figured it out on my own. Not sure if it’s the same way you did, But I managed 🙂 Thanks for the Tutorial.

  11. Chris Hwang
    Chris Hwang says:

    Once I click the CC Ball Action, my logo just becomes a few random balls instead of staying position like yours. How can I fix that? Btw, thank you for your tutorials!

  12. richardMY kun
    richardMY kun says:

    hello, can i ask ? that sound / speaker in your videos, is your sound ? or kind of application to make that sound?

  13. SkyClip Production
    SkyClip Production says:

    Really Nice ! But this tutorial is incomplete : it miss the animation after the flare effect (Vegas, scale and shine), can you make a complement ? Anyway, thank you for your work !

  14. Noah Heckel
    Noah Heckel says:

    Hey, when i try to import the flare.mov that you have linked, it says that it is unstable or damages.. can you make a better way to download it so I can use it?

  15. Michael Valdez
    Michael Valdez says:

    Probably the most well-produced tutorial I’ve ever seen. Good zooming in and out, highlighted cursor, and key-presses on screen. It all seems like little stuff, but boy does it all make this easy to follow and even taught me some incredibly useful shortcuts. Wonderfully done, and I’ll be watching much more from this channel.


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