Indesign for your Architecture Presentation Boards – An introduction
Photoshop Visualization Course:

In this video, we look into an introduction to indesign for architects. Why it is important to use indesign for our presentation boards, and I show you a bit of what i used to work on when I was in college!

What programs do you use? Comment down beloW!

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50 réponses
  1. Ajetta66
    Ajetta66 dit :

    Thanks for your work, as always you are such a big help! I wanted to ask you a question about those linked pictures. Does it matter whether you use a psd or jpg in terms of the speed of work? I mean, psd files are pretty heavy.

  2. jakub bak
    jakub bak dit :

    super important thing to mention in this series – managing colour to don’t mess it up when printing
    when saving a pdf from photoshop you work in RGB, then flatten image, Edit » Convert to Profile » CMYK, then save as Photoshop PDF without any colour profile changes
    what is the export workflow when we’ve got original, layered PSDs in RGB linked to InDesign?

  3. Tagwa Kamal
    Tagwa Kamal dit :

    Hi there; first of all i would like to thanx you
    your videos are very very very useful and unique
    Secondly I would like to ask you to do a tutorial illustrating how to do a personal profile
    for my architecture work explaining what must be inside and how to do it

  4. Sneha Banerjee
    Sneha Banerjee dit :

    What are the software to know for international jobs in architecture?? I am from India! What are the basic skills required to know for international jobs? & Please show us some international best portfolio & procedure of making it

  5. Journey To Architecture
    Journey To Architecture dit :

    Great video! I was really looking forward to this one. It came just in a perfect timing. I usually use autocad and photoshop, but after seeing this I think I’ll use indesign.

  6. Scott Valentine
    Scott Valentine dit :

    I gave up on Indesign. I use google slides for everything now. It has less features, but it has enough and the other benifits are they it’s online so you can always have it with you should you need it in a meeting and you can have multiple people work on the same thing at once. These two benifits have turned it into my go to presentation tool these days.

  7. Melline Nuzzi
    Melline Nuzzi dit :

    Hi, I’m Brazilian and I do not know how to speak English very well. haha But I wanted to congratulate you and I want to give you a hug hahaha . Keep acting like this hahahaha

  8. Ithilween Shadowsong
    Ithilween Shadowsong dit :

    i hope you get into why on the f*cking earth InDesign gives so much problems when adding a video to a presentation, not a board, not a magazine/book, just a presentation for example for the thesis.

    Idk if its only me but that’s always a issue

  9. Julia
    Julia dit :

    Thank you so much for this new series, i’d been using photoshop for uni and i can’t wait to start using indesign!! I really needed the tutorials on presentation boards

  10. henry igugu
    henry igugu dit :

    Awesome… Its nice to see a tutorial on InDesign with a focus on architectural presentations… I currently use Photoshop for my presentation boards. But I’m definitely going to experiment with InDesign this month and next. So more videos Please!!!!! Thanks

  11. Anik Sarder
    Anik Sarder dit :

    Photoshop damages he image resolution,
    on the other hand illustrator is stable about the font and image resolution…but it’s heavy and damages the workflow.
    so, i guess #in_design will solve the both problem, won’t it?
    it’ll show low res. and fasten the workflow,
    but deep down it’ll hold the original resolution.

  12. Decio Souza
    Decio Souza dit :

    Holly Cow!!! I have to present my graduation Project in 4 days I cant wait for the next video. Awesome as always!! Thank you for eternity

  13. Bruno Lombardi
    Bruno Lombardi dit :

    Sos un crack loco.. lastima que hagas contenido en ingles.. no hay videos de calidad como los tuyos en habla hispana. Saludos desde Argentina

  14. Show It Better
    Show It Better dit :

    Hi everyone thanks for watching! As I said in the video this is the first video of many more coming on indesign, so no worries if you didn´t see a specific step, we will be covering them throughout the whole series. 🙂 Comment down below what program you are currently using for creating your presentation boards!

  15. Vanessa Andrade
    Vanessa Andrade dit :

    For a university final project, where I have to produce a notebook, in A3, it’s better open a book or a document in In Design?

  16. Auri Archbold
    Auri Archbold dit :

    Creo que para mi ya es hora de dejar de intentar hacer maravillas con el power point 😂😂😂 continua esta serie de videos y saludos desde cartagena!!!

  17. Jorge Carballo
    Jorge Carballo dit :

    En dónde estudiaste??? Lol, todo el tiempo creí que no hablabas Español, mucho menos que eras latino. Muchas gracias por haber hecho tu canal, me sirves de mucha ayuda ya que en mi Escuela está muy deficiente en cuanto a herramientas digitales (A lo mucho enseñan AutoCAD y tal ves corel). En donde trabajas actualmente? Que consejo le darías a un pasante de la carrera? Felicidades por el canal!!!!

  18. Gatubi
    Gatubi dit :

    genial , no sabia que eras colombiano , tienes un ingles muy bueno , gracias capo por subir estos videos muy buen canal , me encanto el video de BIG , me ayudaste mucho con mi tesis jeje


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