How To Create an Amazing Cinematic Photo Slideshow in After Effects Tutorial

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Learn how to create an amazing modern and cinematic slideshow with parallax effects in adobe after effects to showcase your photo’s or video’s in a professional way!

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43 replies
  1. Joe CARE
    Joe CARE says:

    Comme le titre et la description sont en français, je te fais mon commentaire dans la mĂȘme langue… 😀 trĂšs sympas cette idĂ©e de mettre des textures pour creer le paralax… trĂšs bon "job" sur cette chaine qui tend a devenir "multilangue".. et gracias… 😀

  2. Leonardo Ɓosowski
    Leonardo Ɓosowski says:

    I have problem, when i duplicate the final compostion, just like you did, and i try to change just main image, this image changes to the original final composition. I mean i try to do slideshow but evrything i do on the duplicated layer goes to the original, leaving me with two exac final layers.pls help

    THE FREED ARMY says:

    Love this, the 3d removed the glass texture, when I turn the 3d off the glass shows, but dissappears if you zoom in too much

  4. Ryan Dombrowski
    Ryan Dombrowski says:

    My guy, this is one of the coolest editing styles that I’ve learned how to do. This is such a useful and in-depth tutorial. Although you move a little fast, l’m still able to follow along. I’ve learned so much from watching this, and l just wanted to say thanks and to keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Padded Cell Art
    Padded Cell Art says:

    Omg you are an angel! I’m halfway through the video.. this is genius! I love this software and you’ve made it so much easier to understand ⚘

  6. Randall Marchant
    Randall Marchant says:

    I have no idea what I just watched. I’ve never seen or used After Effects before, BUT this video really opened up my thinking and gave me some cool ideas I can play with in the tools I do use. Thank you.

  7. Studio :T.N.T:
    Studio :T.N.T: says:

    Hello, I have a problem. When I copy the final image over and over again. So every time I change into one the image (what i want show) of the slide image, it changes in all the others. Can anyone please help, and tall me what I’m doing wrong? I want them to be inconsistent.


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