Double Exposure Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Photoshop Tutorial, I will show you how to create a Double exposure effect by combining two images together, one of a person and another of a landscape.

Please keep in mind, if you’re not using the same images I used, you may have to adjust all the settings according to your images.


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47 réponses
  1. MegaJspence1
    MegaJspence1 dit :

    Thank You! i have been working on this for awhile for my art class and could never get it done well, clearly illustrates how to do it. thanks again

  2. Jessica Giovannetti
    Jessica Giovannetti dit :

    Trying to do this how ever when I move the landscape scene to the model it doesnt fill the model the way its shown on this tutorial. Are my settings wrong or something? How do I make that happen?

  3. em 92
    em 92 dit :

    The only thing that doesn’t work for me is CTRL + T on the thumbnail of the model to make a selection. what’s wrong?

  4. Andy Barrera
    Andy Barrera dit :

    I finally found a good tutorial; the others just blazed through the process without explaining things, thanks :))))

  5. trisiena
    trisiena dit :

    at the first place i was kinda confused and then i realised that im using premiere pro for my goddamn project. i was lost. sorry.

  6. Gajanan Junankar
    Gajanan Junankar dit :

    For ctrl+t problem. Go to model layer then make selection by magic wand, and then right click and select inverse. Make sure to select only model part not the white background.

  7. Sharan K.E
    Sharan K.E dit :

    At 1:54, this video showed the wrong steps to be made. In the subtitles, it showed ‘select white background’ and filled it with white background. Next, he selected the model, hit ‘New Adjustment Layer’ and selected Black and White’. He didn’t clearly mention that step.

  8. Tassja Stephens
    Tassja Stephens dit :

    When I move the 2nd photo to my first, it is fitting inside the "model" but it is black and white?! what do I do?

  9. Arshia Iftikhar
    Arshia Iftikhar dit :

    the picture looks amazing. Good Job! but i prefer you’re other tutorials over this. wasnt explained that well


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