Digital Painting Tutorial (Photoshop)

Digital painting tutorial by Faebelina. Wanted to share my current painting process with you guys! Hopefully some can find it useful 🙂 The actual time it took me to make this painting: 45 minutes
Sorry about bumping the mic/being breathy so much in this one!

*BRUSHES USED: The default hard round and soft round brushes that should come with every version of PS.


River Meditation by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Running Waters by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  1. PandaArtz
    PandaArtz says:

    Yes this was very helpful! I’ve been wanting to try digital painting but I didn’t know how to go about doing it 😄 thank you for this video it is great. I love the art work btw the blue hair is super cool!

  2. Mana Karkouti
    Mana Karkouti says:

    Dear Faebellina, thank you for this cool tutorial. I was just wondering, did you used a mouse for this or a Wacom pen?!

  3. j a e c h o i
    j a e c h o i says:

    This is really helpful to me since i’m doing an art project and I don’t really know at first where to start 😂😂

  4. theotime lemaire
    theotime lemaire says:

    Thanks for the tutorial it’ll help me a lot.
    Now, I feel like I have all the tools to paint whatever i want(such as champions from league of legends^^).

    Ps : Since it was a very helpfull tutorial i lived a like and subscribed 🙂

  5. somprit shaw
    somprit shaw says:

    Please help me out with one thing, if I am using mouse instead of pen tab, then how to fill colour in exact area without taking any selection.
    Is there any way to lock the area to be coloured…???

  6. Madeline
    Madeline says:

    This video was so informative! I’ve always wanted to try digital painting, and after following this video I’m finally happy with the results!

  7. Uddelhexe
    Uddelhexe says:

    I totally suck at digital painting. I only can work on hard shadows. I hope your video can help me with this! I like the way you shade the colours!

  8. Organisation_3
    Organisation_3 says:

    JO THE PART AT 23:10 Scared me so much i was painting mine and not listeÂŽning and then the musik kicks in and im sitting here at 02:02 (European Time) Thinking that my Phone is playing load music over the Speakers XD

  9. Christian Church
    Christian Church says:

    When i paint but lift the pen and go over an area i already did, it changes the color to a lighter one. Even when I haven’t changed the color. Any help?

  10. Whimsicle Derp
    Whimsicle Derp says:

    Thank you so much! Wasn’t sure if i was going to get photoshop or manga studio. But im thinking i’ll definitely get this

  11. DisenchantedCardGD
    DisenchantedCardGD says:

    how can i turn off that when im touching my tablet with pen and not moving it a circle loads at displays my tool settings? wacom intuos p s


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