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In this Episode we will look at, how too create this graphic design concept using Photoshop. We will see how to cut any image into pieces and apply a nice slice effect to it. WE will be using Gradient map to get the depth. Check out the video to see the whole process.

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Model : Isha Blaaker

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50 réponses
  1. Alumini
    Alumini dit :

    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining. I found this very easy to follow. You may need a little bit of Photoshop experience but he is literally giving you every single step.

  2. Parvez Raton
    Parvez Raton dit :

    nice video .. properly clean all contents. specilally thanks for creative lecture share to audience. please visit my channel and subscribe. Thanks. I am a new YouTuber for graphic design.

  3. Elisabetta Paiano
    Elisabetta Paiano dit :

    Ok for 4:40 when you are making your selection make sure that auto-select is checked and then control click the shape layer. That is how I got it to work for me 🙂

  4. GFW
    GFW dit :

    @ 4:40 Right click on the shape itself and click on make selection and click on Ok. Then you can click on the image layer and cut and paste on to a new layer. (for the noobs)

  5. stuti d
    stuti d dit :

    Tutorial is good and I being a novice struggled with it a bit too much. Initially, I was stuck at how to slice and create new layers, I read the comments and could manage to proceed. Then I was stuck at 4:40 on how it was making selection. The comments didn’t help me either. I was almost about to give up, but I just gave a final try. The problem was the pen tool fill color was white, so I couldn’t make a selection. When I made it to no color, I was able to see the option for making selection. Hence, I could proceed further and after 2 hours of effort reached till the end point with my not-so-perfect edit as this video’s. But still, managed to learn a lot of new things. So, thanks for the video.

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