After Effects Tutorial: Easy 2D Animation

A simple tutorial on create a 2D scene in After Effects. I will be posting the design portion of this video soon. Also I will be creating an advanced series on 2D animation in about a month.

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50 réponses
  1. sharif ajmir
    sharif ajmir dit :

    which resolution setting for after effect 2d animation from illustrator. because when i use camera zoom my animation character is cracking. what can i Do please help.

  2. Jahan Zaib
    Jahan Zaib dit :

    Hi dear when you design logo animation and white board animation tutorials kindly make professional logo and whiteboard animation tutorials i want to learn these 2

  3. sybsk3tch book
    sybsk3tch book dit :

    Hello sir, I am a fan of your work and you did such an amazing job making your series.
    I want to ask if someone ask to make an animation from you, how would you price your work? Is it per hour or the finished product?

  4. madani areej
    madani areej dit :


    i think your channel is one of the best channels about motion graphics but you very quick and u use shortcuts a lot without mention what u use and what u describe is exactly what i want to learn about motion graph but i find it difficult
    just if u describe a little bit slowly and mention what u do in the keyboard special when u move an object

  5. Swag Happy
    Swag Happy dit :

    Hi, when I move the hand of my character, the body is affected too. What type of file do you need to save your character as ? Thanks !


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