3dsmax Corona Interior Rendering (Best Tutorial)

Hi Everyone,

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interior living room (piano room) with 3ds max and corona. We are going to start from scratch to post-production. You will learn every step of modeling, texturing, rendering and lighting. In the final step, we are going to make post-production with photoshop. I hope you guy like my this tutorial and don’t forget to like and share and please subscribe!


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Programs & Plugins:

Autodesk 3ds Max:


Autodesk Autocad:


Corona Renderer:


Floor Generator Plugin:


Sweep Profile Plugin:


Siger Shaders Materials:


42 replies
  1. Arish Chorawala
    Arish Chorawala says:

    How many render time sir
    I need someone help
    I’m using 1.7.4
    So plz help me
    I’m Rendering but since big noise
    How can control noise level

  2. Bilal Akram
    Bilal Akram says:

    Nice Job…. i m using corona 1.6 will you tell me how to porminent the edges in interior scene because i m facing the the problem on interior corner edges…..?

  3. quepollo
    quepollo says:

    Hello great video Thank you for sharing a little of your knowledge. I’m your follower from today. I hope your channel keeps growing. From Mexico.

  4. saven
    saven says:

    You called your own tutorial Best? This is far from best. You should never render each object after you bring it in, you should built a scene first, then work on your composition, then work on your lighting in gray mtl override and only after start working on all your materials at once to better see relation from one to another

  5. Tedi Cako
    Tedi Cako says:

    Hi Oner
    In your experience, regarding photorealism, who do you think is better vray or corona?
    I’ve seen a couple of your videos and i still think that the final image is better on corona
    Great tutiorials

  6. Umaid 813
    Umaid 813 says:

    I hope you are doing very well.
    But i want to know about the quality. when i set lights and just see by interactive but i don’t get quality even in high res. render. Could you tell me about the lighting in technically.?

  7. arshad khan
    arshad khan says:

    I have already check but cg-source is not sing up they need vat number but I am student so I have no vat so please help me sir

  8. samir hisham
    samir hisham says:

    oner , i downloaded the sigershaders for vray and i used some of them in render scenes , some worked fine and came out good and some they caused noise in the scene , do you know what might the reason be ?? i tried raising the subdivs but still i had noise .. can you help me ?

  9. shivangi rooplani
    shivangi rooplani says:

    Hey! Hope you are well. I want to ask few questions about this tutorial which I really want to know. if you can help please reply. Thanks

  10. Vincent Trethewey
    Vincent Trethewey says:

    I guess Alexander Graham Bell would appreciate this tutorial. But for us able hearing folks, some sort of verbal discription would go a long way.

  11. femtokun
    femtokun says:

    The fact that it has so much control on the POST is in real time while rendering makes it such an amazing tool. To be able to focus on materials and light and tweak it with so much control. And the fact that you used only corona sun and corona sky for lights…its just amazing.
    Thank you for the tutorial.


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