3DS Max – Painting Hard Surface Displacement

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In this video I will show you how to paint hard surface details in 3D Studio Max.

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  1. picosdrivethru
    picosdrivethru dit :

    how badly does displacement affect render times? especially for cinematic rendering? just curious because for rivets and stuff it seems totally worth it

  2. oshin wane
    oshin wane dit :

    i love 3dmax because its simple and powerfull.
    i tried different software for texturing like"substance painter" but it was a nightmare!

    after i found out 3dmax has texturing im very happy
    thanks a lot😉

  3. LandeTLS
    LandeTLS dit :

    Worth to add that i think you forgot to change the render camera type to orthographic. Other than that, great tutorial as always.

  4. Caesar
    Caesar dit :

    at 3:18 – 0 for the minimum ZDepth value makes the render very faint if you’re not close enough.
     1- select the camera and _temporarily_ check the *Clip manually* option; set those red marks (‘Near clip’ and ‘Far clip’) to include the object or area you need Zdepth for.
     2- uncheck *Clip manually* and copy ‘Near clip’ and ‘Far clip’ values to ‘Z Min’ and ‘Z Max’.

  5. John Doe
    John Doe dit :

    When you set max and min distance wouldn’t be better to set the max a 100 and min to 100 minus the mesh height. So you can use all of the 256 grey shades?

  6. Christie and Nikki
    Christie and Nikki dit :

    A question. Is this as good as heightmaps or is this something special for 3ds max,if you want to render it there?

  7. Armenian Ararat
    Armenian Ararat dit :

    is their any easy way to place the pivot on a vertex while selecting a bunch of them " so need for modeling "
    iv tried some scripts non of them looks working " max bugs as always"


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