3ds Max 2015: Placement Tools

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It’s a magnetic attraction! New Placement tools feature intuitive auto-parenting and aligning behaviors that make it simpler to position and orient content relative to other content within your scenes. Move objects along surfaces of other meshes as though magnetically attracted and quickly rotate to the desired orientation as part of the same operation.

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  1. D reh
    D reh dit :

    Hi greta vid

    as you will guess i am new. i need someone to help
    i want to make pictures for a manual A4 size. what size should i set up the plane to be so proportions are correct and how do you work it out.
    on one of the videos where adobe was used to make a road 14 metre wide a square brush of 14 pixels was used…..WHY how is it worked out

    told you i was a dummy,,, but please help

  2. Felix Dodd
    Felix Dodd dit :

    To all Autodesk developers – check out a book called ‘programming for dummies’ you will find this a useful place to start……tossers.

  3. PolyVisuals - WunderHead - G.A.S.
    PolyVisuals - WunderHead - G.A.S. dit :

    nice AuDesk. Now if you guys put working mentalities and conceptual workflows into the pace of scene creation via integrating free/panel-based pivot/transform controlling and some other things, well, then you  just might have something there. 😉   Treat objects as objects, remove the necessary focus of having axial control methods and allow a mouse tool to act like a human hand …maybe ALT+SHIFT+Click starts a pivot lock point(render a point), then allow the mouse to act like a free manipulator that is not constrained to an axial based tool / work mentality. Allow a force-to-max-min point constraint or allow world placement…etc etc, it’s not hard really.
    I’d build it..if I had he time..maybe I’ll build it this year. We’ll see.
    AKA: don’t remove the current concept of workflow, but allow an expanded conceptual interfacing & toolsets.  Traditional & clay hands. etc.   [ yeah, it’s hard to relay an idea in such short text]

    In essence, this little dialogue is nice, but to me, it’s just a starting point.
    This should be fleshed out and place some serious power into devs’ hands, yes ?  No offense intended..so I apologize if this sounded harsh.

  4. MsCode ™
    MsCode ™ dit :

    0:39 *"repositioned at will?"* does the software read your mind? or maybe it is just good at guessing what your trying to achieve.
    BTW: *seriously that placement icon looks like a penis.*
    someone is taking the piss ‘huh?’

  5. Paul Kotelevets
    Paul Kotelevets dit :

    Maybe, I should to think about coming back to 3dsmax.
    Maybe later, when F2 tool will be, finally, integrated…

  6. Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson dit :

    This looks like a fantastic new feature.  I can’t wait till I’m done with my current last two models in 2012 so I can update to 2015.  I don’t know if the contract conditions have changed at all or not, but as I know it, I can only have the latest 3 versions of Max installed on my machine with my subscription.


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