Creating Rugs in 3ds Max with Hair and Fur modifier

In this video we will see how we can create realistic looking rugs in 3ds Max by using the Hair And Fur modifier.

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  1. Trafalgar Law
    Trafalgar Law dit :

    I need to have VRay installed to do get the same results right? Because with no VRay at the moment, when I click on render with mr prim selected, my box would look empty in the renderer (No Grass).

  2. muhsin pm
    muhsin pm dit :

    hi, while using hair and fur modifier, when rendering the hair tip in output image is seemed clipping. i cant get pointed tip. every hair tip is clipped and seem like hollow cylinder. please help me.

  3. Menios Savvides
    Menios Savvides dit :

    What are the setting for vray renderer instead of mental ray? It shows the whole rug black when I try it on vray.

  4. Roman Navratil
    Roman Navratil dit :

    How much is it intensive on ram, during rendering? I gues less than displacement but still quite a lot?

    Also is there big difference on ram usuage durign renderign between the mia (or what 🙂 ) and geometry type?

    thanks a lot :-)!

  5. Monika Stachura
    Monika Stachura dit :

    hi, maybe someone know  🙂 I have sphere, when I m using modifier hair&fur, hair came out on outer surface but I want that hairs on inner surface

  6. Alexia
    Alexia dit :

    I have used a box and turbsmooth to create the rug and whenever I render the colour of the box (blue) renders too. Do you know how I can fix this please?

  7. Mahmoud Iz Madani
    Mahmoud Iz Madani dit :

    Thank you Denis, it works well as Hair and Fur with me, but i tried to make Vray Displacement (the other video), I face some trouble, however, thanks man I appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Roger tolentino canales
    Roger tolentino canales dit :

    In the 13:52 minute when I press, _ hair style_, I only get vertical lines I do not get the same as in the video, help me please

  9. Sabba
    Sabba dit :

    Can you export fur and hair as a mesh to render it out in a different program? I use Octane in Rhino and I only need hair and fur from 3ds…

  10. David Paul Maddela
    David Paul Maddela dit :

    Hi Denis, I have a question. When i create a chamferbox and apply hair and fur, the fur appears at top and bottom. can you tell me how did you create your chamferbox on the top only? Thanks

  11. Ronny Feghali
    Ronny Feghali dit :

    love your tutorials. you’re very good at explaining everything. i was wondering, could you do a tutorial on how to render/create suede material? i have some textures from arroway textures but i cant get the suede effect or the suede look.

  12. Marcus Böetius Immerkær von Keil
    Marcus Böetius Immerkær von Keil dit :

    Does this tutorial count for other Renderers too? Or is this Vray specific? [Using Corona]

  13. Yves Anselme
    Yves Anselme dit :

    i would like to thank you first for this tutorial, i have a question, i used a chamferbox as support and when i applied the hair and fur, i could see that on the both surface side, top and bottom. Is there any checkbox or any other settings i should set to get it on at the top surface please?

  14. euldarath02
    euldarath02 dit :

    great tutorial, i have just one question though, when i clicked on hair and fir it did not start out looking like it did when you clicked it, it looked like strands of hair really, how can i make the hair appear as the default and how will i make the hair change as im tweaking values. the default setting that you started off is perfect for what im doing now, all i have to do is brush it down and i will have myself a thatched roof.

  15. Defalt
    Defalt dit :

    Can you tell me how do you enable the background in the buffer, the gray background that gives the shade from your object.
    Thank you

  16. Stephane Toraldo
    Stephane Toraldo dit :

    Hello, thanks for the share. Very helpful. But you already know this, isn’t it ?) Thanks and greatings anyway !


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