Card Freeze Time in Adobe After Effect CC tutorial

this is the easy way to do a realistic freeze time in moving camera with Adobe After Effect CC (float card)

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  1. Lee Bee
    Lee Bee dit :

    How come every After Effects tutorial video on YouTube has dubstep music? Am I the only After Effects user who actually hates dubstep? LOL

  2. Pro Gaming X7
    Pro Gaming X7 dit :

    Also i pretty sure you can take a pic true of your self but move slowly put it in a animator then leave the last part of you looking frozen then open a photo shop with pic slowly going around you as you look still frozen then add the cards with the 3d effect on photo shop then boom ez !!! Ez way might be my way

  3. omg tv
    omg tv dit :


  4. leThe Superhans
    leThe Superhans dit :

    Great tutorial – I have seen people making this effect but with about 100 Cameras taking one photo…

  5. Ajay Rawat
    Ajay Rawat dit :

    Nice Tutorial ! helped me great.But at one point,you could first place cards on desired position without making layer 3d,then have to slide slightly backward.This definitely save you from rotating and positioning.Thanks

  6. Yura Morgunov
    Yura Morgunov dit :

    Кривовато сделал в начале, скачок через несколько кадров.

  7. Richard Lightfoot
    Richard Lightfoot dit :

    While trying to use camera track for tracking the video, I keep getting the message "camera solving" and it stays stuck there. Anyone else having this problem and/or have a solution? This looks amazing and would love to be able to do it.
    Working on a PC with Adobe CC latest build. 16 gb. intel 87-4770 3.4 ghz.


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