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50 réponses
  1. caleb wilson
    caleb wilson dit :

    Bruh…. Never thought this would be so much interesting… No one can explain it better than you…. Pick whip… Iam mad at the word pick whip…😂😂😂

  2. Leonardo Peralta
    Leonardo Peralta dit :

    PLEASE make the part 2, I tried to mask the title behind the movement and I looked on YouTube for tutorials but cannot figure out how to do it properly the way you did it. Amazing part 1, thank you so much for it!

  3. Tasteless Vanilla
    Tasteless Vanilla dit :

    Very clear and great tutorial, subscribed and will follow any other guides as I have just started using after effects and this has helped me out a lot so far.

  4. GoNiks Graphics
    GoNiks Graphics dit :

    PURCHASING ADOBE PRODUCTS WITH HIGH PRICE ?? ITS A BIG NO !! BECAUSE I USE THIS SOFTWARE TO MAKE ANY ANIMATION AND IT IS BUDGET FRIENDLY 3D EDITOR SOFTWARE, If you want to edit more 3d animations with the beginners friedly software you can go to the website
    Because as a freelancer in I use this software to edit their demographics, infographics, storyblocks, and 3d logo animated introduction.

  5. Sheldon Aurat
    Sheldon Aurat dit :

    I am currently trying to learn Photoshop, Premier and After effects… while learning my Sony A7III. The amount of coffee I drink may… kill me.

  6. JR Resolutions
    JR Resolutions dit :

    Loved this tutorial! I just downloaded AE today because I need to learn it for my business. I am planning on using the title motion tracking as well (maybe some call out signs) in my marketing videos. Tutorials like these are whats helping me keep my company alive! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video and I cannot wait for the next one to come out!!

  7. Sayed
    Sayed dit :

    So far I’ve watched this video twice. The first time I edited a random shot from my computer and barely understood what you were saying. Second time around I filmed my couch with a slow zoom towards it and tried to track the text "Lovely Couch" over the shot, which did not work. This took me 55 minutes, and I’m keen to have another go! #pickwhip

  8. Scarlet Kitten
    Scarlet Kitten dit :

    Peter, How do i export this comp to my other projects? No one EVER explains how to export after you’re done! Please help! 😢


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