3ds Max 2014 Architectural Interiors Part 1

3ds Max 2014 Architectural Interiors Part 1

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  1. Johannes Fiftyeight
    Johannes Fiftyeight dit :

    Create your trim profile and then extrude along a spline. it will create mitered corners…
    the spine method will provide an option to use custom profiles

  2. Aemon Capps
    Aemon Capps dit :

    Just started to use 3D studio max and I’m trying to get to know it. Such a convenience to find this video.

    Thank you for loading this, perfect for beginners for anyone looking to get into 3D visuals for interiors.

  3. choc0dream
    choc0dream dit :

    you are awesome !!!  i have never been watch a better explained video tutorial  before!! Congratulations you are a great teacher and your explanations are very clear and easy to understand!

  4. shera m
    shera m dit :

    i stopped watching after you created the walls by hand instead of using outline…there is no way this could be used in real life architecture drawing, unless you wanna create messed u buildings.

  5. goddessLAKSZMI
    goddessLAKSZMI dit :

    My 3ds max ALWAYS freezes and stops working (I have to close it and start again) when I try to draw a straight line with SHIFT key.
    It’s so annoying, it repeats every time! It also happens even when I try to draw a plain combination of lines.
    Does anyone else have the same problem? What can I do?

  6. Isaac Ceff
    Isaac Ceff dit :

    the wall thickness is slightly different to each wall, and the interior is not good for correct proportions if others work on other sized 3d models for the work

  7. RB26Shinigami
    RB26Shinigami dit :

    Thank you so much for this video! With no experience in Max or anything 3D, watching this video helped with my homework assignments. Very much appreciated.

  8. munna asl
    munna asl dit :

    wow…amazing lesson  sir, may god bless you all the time  and don’t forget to have this kind lessons again to give us…..thanks very much sir

  9. AbuGadingDung
    AbuGadingDung dit :

    why not just draw corner spline around the door and use sweep modifier for better cornering of your complex geometrical moldings around that door?

  10. GhoolerHunter
    GhoolerHunter dit :

    I’m looking for the first basic learning how to use the commands because I literally can’t follow you all the time. I end up going back over and over to see where the arrow is going to get certain function. Things I started out with in my abilities to turn and rotate the view using the mouse wheel and the alt key no longer work. It just slides it around now. I don’t know what I hit that changed it either. Must find basics learning video.

  11. rober carrillo
    rober carrillo dit :

    Hey .. your course seems to be very good and you explain everything, but i would like to ask you if you could use meters in your future tutorials because so few countries use the US system so please go to metric. Thanks

  12. Laura Keidane
    Laura Keidane dit :

    Could you know the reason why my objects merge just by clicking of them? Now I have a house with ceiling and floor moldings but some moldings are attached with the walls as one object.

  13. Julia Tabone
    Julia Tabone dit :

    Thank you for your big job!
    I installed 3d Max Desing, and I can find how to made view from dofferent points in there. Can you help please?

  14. Pete Cruz
    Pete Cruz dit :

    I get what people are saying here. Honestly, not the way I would build a house, but as he says in his post here, as an instructor, you want to try and get as many techniques in a tutorial as possible. Might be good to note that this is a great tutorial for beginners, not as much for advanced users, certainly not as contemporary as a lot of techniques today, but a great way to get students to start using the tools and building confidence.

  15. Jalapiñecone
    Jalapiñecone dit :

    I like the ideas for a more casual approach and I think some of the ideas can be used later on to make models that are to scale, but these methods would never be used in an actual scenario where you need to make a room to perfect scale.



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