Female urogenital development

Development of the female urogenital system

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  1. Joe Capito
    Joe Capito says:

    Great video! was looking for something like this to make concrete in my mind why Mullarian agenesis still has functional ovaries. I knew they came from the mesonephros and not the paramesonephros, but it’s a tough thing to conceptualize without something like this. Perfect!

  2. Maddie Rawling
    Maddie Rawling says:

    4. Ureters begin to form out of cloaca (meeting center of urorecal system)
    5. Metanephros forms at end of ureters (will form mature kidney)
    6. Gonades (undifferentiated) migrate from yolk sac to gonadal ridge – will form female oocyte or male sperm cells
    7. Paramesonephric duct appears- will form into female reproductive system
    8. Ducts fuse behind bladder
    9. Mesonephric ducts are broken down (only used for male system)
    10. The last slide we see the kidneys, ovaries, uterus, vagina and bladder

  3. Nimmi Pillalamarri
    Nimmi Pillalamarri says:

    What computer program did you use to create these animations? I am trying to create a medical anatomy animated video and would like to know how you created this video…?

  4. Carolina Gondra
    Carolina Gondra says:

    Its not that hard people. The words are very similar. Used your brains and you wont need to have a translator.

  5. fleurdelune G
    fleurdelune G says:

    I’m Italian and I perfectly understood the mechanism, even if explainations were not in English or Italian. Thank you so much for the effort you put in this video, helping me with my Embryology exam 🙂


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