Google AdWords training

Google AdWords business trainingCourt Google Adword in Quebec, Montreal, Laval

When running an Internet business, the key to success is getting qualified traffic. To do this, two strategies must be combined: natural referencing or SEO, i.e. appearing in the first search results when Internet users type certain keywords and paid referencing or SEM, i.e. say Google Adwords advertisements.


This Google Adwords course allows you to attract qualified prospects as soon as you set up your advertising campaigns. Our tailor-made training in the form of a group conference, seminar or private coaching will allow you to make the most of your Adwords campaigns.


Google AdWords training objective

Set up profitable Adwords campaigns to increase your online sales.

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Google Adwords Workshop Content

  • Familiarize yourself with the principles of paid search and all its concepts (keyword, ad, campaign, CPC)
  • How to define your keywords and the price you are willing to pay for those keywords
  • How to define your target of prospects
  • How to write ads and create ad groups
  • How to maximize your Adwords budget
  • How to create a landing page specific to your Adwords ad
  • How to follow the progress of a campaign and know when to modify it to be more profitable
  • Traps to avoid

Documents or materials provided

. Computers
. Technical assistance

Documents or materials to bring

. USB key
. Papers and pencils
. your ideas 

Specifics of the AdWords course

This tailor-made Google Adwords course aims to allow you to see a short-term financial impact on your online sales. We will work at your pace and adapt our schedule according to your availability.


We operate in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and Gatineau.



Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

Toronto: 416 907-8551

[email protected]



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