After Effect courses in Edmonton

Adobe After Effects is a popular software program for creating motion effects and visual graphics for video. After Effects gives you the power to create amazing visual effects and motion graphics. These skills will surely make you more valuable at work or to a future employer.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to easily save your workspace in Adobe After Affects. You will have an understanding of file types, importing files, organising files, composition, video standards, video presets and window settings.

Course Content

  • Understanding the user interface
  • Starting a project from scratch
  • Animating parameters including motion paths
  • Importing layered Photoshop files
  • Understanding how keyframes work under the hood
  • Mastering the Graph Editor for the ultimate control over keyframes
  • Applying and tweaking Motion Blur
  • Sliding, trimming, slip editing, and insert editing layers
  • Using Adjustment Layers to effect multiple layers
  • Understanding Pixel Aspect Ratios
  • Editing and animating masks
  • Explaining the interaction between effects, masks, and mattes
  • Mastering every aspect of After Effect


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After Effect class in Edmonton