3dsmax Architecture Visualization Tutorial (Unreal Engine 4)

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create an Architecture Virtual Reality Scene with 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4. First of all, We are going to create a basic modern flat with 3ds Max and then We make unwrapping and exporting to Unreal Engine 4. Don’t forget to give me like and subscribe!


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Programs & Plugins:

Autodesk 3ds Max:


Unreal Engine 4:


Autodesk Autocad:


Corona Renderer:


Floor Generator Plugin:


Sweep Profile Plugin:


Siger Shaders Materials:


43 réponses
  1. Thomas McMichael
    Thomas McMichael dit :

    Being a hard critic, you don’t learn anything other than how to follow what you did. I’ve worked in 3ds max for 6 years and UE4 for almost 3 and was able to understand everything that you did but a person who is actually looking how to create archviz in ue4 is not going to learn much of anything here without basic knowledge. And you only presented basic stuff. It’s hard to call this a tutorial when there is absolutely no voice. I appreciate the effort though.

  2. Crypt s
    Crypt s dit :

    бля чувак спасибо конечно. Но весь туториал без звука но вот зато хуйня с твитером свистит…

  3. Dion Water
    Dion Water dit :

    all I want to do is Design MY home. 4 floors: basement, Main, second, third and roof. I haven’t learned anything from the tutorials except that there are games coming up in the future.

  4. Samy-Charles Tholbecq
    Samy-Charles Tholbecq dit :

    Please could you do an tutorial on the recovering of
    Two Sided foliage in Unreal Engine 4 because i have some projects with missing one or two sided.
    Thank you

  5. silent mountain
    silent mountain dit :

    nice video. Do you know how i save in 3d max files png or jpg in resolution 300 because when i save this kind of file in 3d max the size is correct but the resolution is always 72 and i want 300 how i can do that? thank you very much for your videos.

  6. Daniel Mayoral
    Daniel Mayoral dit :

    this was awesome,… i have a question: how do i take the exported file from UE4 to a vr headset like Gear VR where i have to use my phone to get the immersive experience?

  7. Harun Şahin
    Harun Şahin dit :

    awesome tutorial sir but i wanna ask something when i try walk with my charecter walls let me go inside like im casper. sorry for my bad english someone help me please :'(

  8. mae
    mae dit :

    Great tutorial, am going to mimic ypur space, am.new to unreal am going to see how this goes.. thanks

    P.s, more unreal tutorials, from basic to intermediate.

  9. [damnFAIL]
    [damnFAIL] dit :

    this is the basic tutorial we need. is there any chance that you create another tutorial with complete interior? or another detail model from 3dsmax to unreal? thanks

  10. Max Estate and Builders
    Max Estate and Builders dit :

    This was a good tutorial…but would be even nicer with your voice.
    And please make more tutorials on unreal engine…it would be great if you model some furniture and import them into the same scene and add some interactivity like changing the floor material or wall material.
    Make more episodes of this scene…please!
    Thanks a lot…and please bring more stuff on unreal studio realtime archviz

  11. khurram sa
    khurram sa dit :

    udk is better to work in simple spec pc’s while ue4 requires high spec which i can’t effort and also udk have everything but mostly tutorials are for ue4 ,and this is embarrassing amigo

  12. Samuel Iwunze
    Samuel Iwunze dit :

    Can you view the finished work with something simple like Google cardboard? I’m a little confused since you used the first person not the vr template. Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Graphic Design
    Graphic Design dit :

    Why you don`t show us how to edit the default blueprint for FPS character. Importing and putting materials is the easiest part and there lot`s of useful tutorials. I`m searching for almost a couple of hours how to edit that blueprint so in my architectural viz not showing the gun and hands, but you didn`t show us that. Dislike from my side. Not cool man!

  14. Catalin Andrei
    Catalin Andrei dit :

    Great job
    I have one question
    Why didn t you use unreal engine from the beggining i mean (at least for me) it s easier to build with unreal.
    Is there any difference between using unreal for the sctructure of the flat and 3ds max or is it just a matter of choice for the creator

    Thanks alot

  15. Dheka Pradhika
    Dheka Pradhika dit :

    hello, thank you for you awesome video, i have some case in here, what if i would like to send the result to my clients, should they download the UE4 first or what? hope you help me, already subsrcibe ur channel, thx u buddy


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