3ds Max tutorial: Retopology with Freeform tools

Tips on using Freeform tools for retopology in 3ds Max + some tips using Loop tools for polygon distribution.

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35 replies
  1. Lizard-Motion Films
    Lizard-Motion Films says:

    I saved me unfinished retopology how do I tell it to use the base mesh to draw on top again? I need to keep manually moving every time I add or extend new polygons.

  2. Irã Helder
    Irã Helder says:

    Been away for a while from 3dsmax while learning some Maya, should start exploring those new modeling tools n 3DSMax. Max in my opinion is quite superior than Maa for Polygonal modeling.

  3. dennou2012
    dennou2012 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Could you possibly go over the "Step Build" tool also? I have seen some good use of it but I cant figure out how to master it. Thanks again!

  4. Antonio Caroppos
    Antonio Caroppos says:

    What are your import settings, please? And what are your layout settings? To me, it looks completely different. And what should we do if our model is imported upside down? Your tutorial only covers the best-case-scenario. :-/

  5. Mike M.
    Mike M. says:

    Good video, but I have a question: Why is it necessary to do retopo by hand? Usually when I’m making a model, I start with the low poly outline first and then build the high poly from that. This way, I already have the low poly mesh in mind that I want to use and I don’t have to go through this process.

    It seems this is only necessary when you start with a high poly and don’t have the low poly it came from, or the decimate/optimize software isn’t working right.

  6. maxy mofoo
    maxy mofoo says:

    Great tutorial! My mesh was a bit of a mess so hopefully with your help i’ll be able to sort it out. Thanx!

  7. Daniel Olah
    Daniel Olah says:

    Hey! Is it possible to change the shift-ctr-alt move tool to some other combination? It doesnt pair well with my carpal tunnel syndrome…Thanks!

  8. Aliaksandr Yaromin
    Aliaksandr Yaromin says:

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  9. LadyCatrin
    LadyCatrin says:

    Thank you. I would never figure it out without the tutorial. Still looks very complicated. Max has the worst UI I have ever seen.

  10. Matthew M. Ramshaw
    Matthew M. Ramshaw says:

    Thank You very much. I googled re-topology and here I am. Your tute was/is very helpful for the someone not experienced with this particular feature. So, thanks again. 🙂

  11. Rahimi001
    Rahimi001 says:

    I just have a question, as a game design student. Why do people still use these freeform tools in max when there are tools out there in other programs that can do it automatically (with some fixes after). Can’t you save lots of time that way, if you had to meet strict deadlines? I’m genuinely curious and need to ask for a project I need to be working on.

  12. Bryan Bothwell
    Bryan Bothwell says:

    I’ve been using 3ds max for a couple years now so this is gonna sound like a really silly question. How did you favorite those few modifiers and get them to display underneath the modifier list?

  13. Karl Eclaire
    Karl Eclaire says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Is this the one they call baking high poly into low poly model, when using ZBrush?


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