Filling a container with marbles – Tutorial – 3dsmax 2013 + MassFX

please like and subscribe! This is the first video of MANY more to come as you guys show more interest in my tutorials. I will be gearing towards easy and efficient ways to go about things in the software package. Some of my methods are a little unorthodox but always come around to the finished product in an organized and understandable way.

This video teaches how to fill a container with marbles using MassFX, a powerful physics simulator built in to 3D Studio Max 2012 and 2013. I am using 3dsmax2013.

This technique is great for still images if you have a glass vase on the table that you want to be filled with things and sit inside naturally. It’s easy to copy and paste but remember when you overlap objects with a refractive property, you begin to lose the effect you are looking for.


You can visit my website to see some of my own personal/professional work so you know I’m not just some guy who teaches bad techniques.


Rob Raio

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  1. SheTheTDE
    SheTheTDE dit :

    why do I not have MassFX in my 3DsMax? Why cant I find anything about how to get it? and why cant I find any tutorials that dont use it?

  2. ahmed abdelrahman
    ahmed abdelrahman dit :

    excellent i wanted to know how to simulate an object as concave like old reactor and i found it in your video
    i also want to know where is the tool equivalent to motor in the old reactor is it here in mass fx???
    waiting for your answer
    thanks very much

  3. Manifest 3D
    Manifest 3D dit :

    If the Dynamic Rigid Bodies are falling through a Static Rigid Body in your simulation then try gradually increasing the Substeps and Solver Iter. values under MassFX Tools > Scene Settings > Rigid Bodies

  4. salsa4everable
    salsa4everable dit :

    superlative delivery, sir. this should be the standard by which others are compared; in terms of focus amidst a generous helping of the reasons why for certain actions.

    Did all those spheres fit in there without any intersections between spheres?

    thanks for this, and hope you can provide others of this quality.

  5. Olga Reukova
    Olga Reukova dit :

    Hi Rob! Thank you very much for such a wonderful tutorial!
    And I have a question: when my marbles fall down some of them go through the vase. Could you please tell me where can be a problem. Thank you very much!

  6. Sagar Deshpande
    Sagar Deshpande dit :

    Hi…. My name is Sagar. I just watched your tutorial & I’ll really appreciate it as it helps a lot to make a realistic simulation. But I got one thing to ask that- after falling down into the pot, do all the spheres touch the pot perfectly…? I am asking Because in the previous version of 3ds max while using the reactor, the fallen objects don’t really touch the pot. it keeps some gap inbetween. So it reduces the realism a lot.
    So what about using mass fx in 2013.

  7. digimaks
    digimaks dit :

    YOu are lucky Mass FX did not miss any marble through the jar.
    It’s very inaccurate – only good at dropping balls on surface or dominos.
    But things like rollercoaster or cylinder between tacks- always gets stuck or fall through.

  8. Michael Hankus
    Michael Hankus dit :

    overall good tutorial, but you did not go over the scene settings which was the solution to everything once i discovered it. I, along countless others in the comments seem to have been ripping our dicks off trying to figure out why the marbles are ignoring our object and just hitting a random plane.

    So in your scene settigns, you need to increase substeps and enable high velocity collisions

    atm i have 4 and 4 and it seems to be working

    thanks for starting me off (and no other tutorials seem to go over this so you’re not the only, but you are the only one not to use notepad so high five there)

  9. Parthiban Rajendran
    Parthiban Rajendran dit :

    for me, the dynamic rigid body is not falling into static rigid body at all, just vibrating on its own plane.. what could be wrong?

  10. Lama Hashash
    Lama Hashash dit :

    Hey Rob!!! Thank you so much!!! I have a question though, on my massfx toolbar i dont have all the tab options yours has! how come? and how can I get them?! thanks alot 

  11. gadorian
    gadorian dit :

    Thank you for quick tutorial.
    i just had to fill a quiver with some arrows, and i realized that i have no idea how to do it without reaktor 😀

  12. laughinghyena21
    laughinghyena21 dit :

    like for example; for a headband, when you animate the head turning, the tassels of the headband shouldn’t go through the arms of the model. How can I tell the tassels do not go through the arms?


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