Explore architectural photography with Julia Anna Gospodarou

Explore architectural photography with Julia Anna Gospodarou

DxO invites you to an exclusive webinar conducted by photographer and DxO Image Master Julia Anna Gospodarou.

Discover her tips for giving your photos a new dimension and a unique look by harnessing the powerful tools of DxO OpticsPro 10 and DxO ViewPoint 2.

12 réponses
  1. NotMe,
    NotMe, dit :

    my god… what is with all the talking??? way too much about the theory and expressing yourself in the image and all the other jazz… sorry if I sound insensitive, but I just wanted to see the technique, not the theory behind your thoughts. those should be private imo.

  2. Victor Carmelo
    Victor Carmelo dit :

    Love your images but your video explanation especially the text is just long winded. Cut the theory and get on with the practical. Sorry very tiring to watch.

  3. Jonathon Bennett
    Jonathon Bennett dit :

    Hi there, like your work but why don’t you shoot with large format film, much better perspective correction, much much better starting with b&w film that converting from colour digital images. Also far too much manipulation which is a pity as you have such a good eye. Hope you don’t mind my comments but I’m sure your final work would be stunning rather than over manipulated and artificial.

  4. Zebulon B
    Zebulon B dit :

    Has anyone purchased her course and book? I’ve watched several YouTube videos by Julia and there is a lot of ‘learning to look inside to find your inner creative voice’ type of dialog, which is fine for a teaser video but I want to know that the 3hr paid course gets to the specific techniques used. Anyone?



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