Tips, tricks & realistic rendering – sketchup + Vray – tutorial

Some basic tricks and settings i use for sketchup. If you have any questions, feel free to ask ‘m.

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  1. anarchy0209
    anarchy0209 says:

    Dude, I thought you were going to use some HDRI, the thumbnail seemed that good, but instead it ended up being a pretty basic basic render vid. Now, you got a very fast way of drawing, that was interesting to watch.

  2. Roma Bianca
    Roma Bianca says:

    PLEASE how did you do 2:14? where the wood image spread to the floor slab? I am just a beginner. somebody help. T.T :'(

  3. Rulzz Beam
    Rulzz Beam says:

    i didnt get it how u used the follow me button…….>>> do i need to install any plug in or its in there by default…….??………..>>>

  4. marz buts
    marz buts says:

    love this channel..teaching us beginners in very basic settings helping us to understand more about the concept of Vray..

  5. Mustapha 3D Design
    Mustapha 3D Design says:

    i know the video is one year old but i have question: you still have the models ?? awesome tutorial by the way

  6. YesUCan
    YesUCan says:

    Would love to know how you got the color from your browser to sketchup by opening the browser over sketchup? Thanks for the tutorial. No sooner said than done. Got it – the picker will pick the color.


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