Our Family Winter Vacation in Canada

Join us for our family winter vacation in Canada as we meet up with Audrey’s family and Togo the German Shepherd to spend the holiday season and Christmas together at large cabin located in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario not too far from Kingston. Whenever we’re traveling abroad the one thing we miss most about Canada is our family and friends. Having a chance to spend quality time with them is something we truly relish when we’re back home in Canada.

With this in mind we decided to embrace the spirit of a Canadian winter by renting a large cabin for the entire family to enjoy. Here we enjoyed quality time together by the fire, drinking wine, having conversations, playing board games, cooking meals and eating really well. In terms of heading outside to enjoy winter activities we did a lot of sledding and tobogganing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and walking along with playing with Togo the German Shepherd.

More than anyone else, it was the dog who loved being outside. Overall, it was a wonderful winter vacation in Canada and something we’re considering doing again in the summer for a completely different atmosphere and feel.

What we did during our winter holiday in Canada:

1) Sledding
2) Wine Drinking
3) Snowboarding
4) Family Dinners
5) Snowshoeing
6) Cooking
7) Making Snow
8) Snowy Walks

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Our Family Winter Vacation in Canada Video Transcript:

Hey guys. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. You’re probably going to be watching this video several months down the line. Yep. It might even be springtime but we wanted to make a video of our winter holidays here in Canada. And show you what that is like. Yeah, so basically we finished our travels I think it was December 10th. We came back from Italy and we spent a couple of weeks at home in Brampton.

Originally we were going to go to Florida. We were. This was like a few months ago that was our original plan but then we decided like you know what? There has been some bad weather down there this year and we decided why don’t we embrace a Canadian winter. It was actually decided for us when our airbnb host canceled our reservation.

Oh yeah that is right. I forgot that small detail. My family started looking for other possibilities and they settled on a cottage here up north. We’re in Seeley’s Bay so that is like three hours east of Toronto. Near Kingston and then a half hour north in the woods basically. It is not far at all from Kingston and it is a massive house. It has got three levels. We’ve got a really big ground level, we’ve got an upstairs and of course we’ve got a basement. The great thing about this particular vacation with family is that everyone is here. All of your sisters are here. The dog is here. Togo is here.

And it is just been great. We’ve really been embracing the winter. We’ve been going outside doing all kinds of things. Chasing the dog, playing fetch with the dog, also tobogganing. We’re doing snowshoeing. We’re going to be maybe even snowboarding. I think your sisters are coming back with their snowboards. Back with snowboards. Snowboards and then just to have fun we’ve all kind of been huddling around the fire playing games, talking, drinking lots of wine. It has just been wonderful.

We’ve had a lot of family time and we’re basically just going to show you what our whole experience has been like. This video is going to be all about the holidays. We’re here in this cottage for 8 days and we’re basically going to show you what we get up to.

We’re going to say it on two. One, two, three. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Woo!

This is part of our Travel in Canada video series showcasing Canadian food, Canadian culture and Canadian cuisine.


– Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/

– Jolly Old St Nicholas by E’s Jammy Jams

– Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky

49 replies
  1. Wheel chair Mamma Prepper
    Wheel chair Mamma Prepper says:

    my huband wondered why not just throw cold water because the ambient temps are so cold that way as he said that nice little girl doesn’t get burned

  2. shredder
    shredder says:

    My wife makes the best empanadas in the world !She is from Ecuador and even in Ecuador the empanadas are not no where near as good as hers ! Her pastry is the quality of a fine French or Croatian pastry ! Whenever I have had Colombian empanadas they are always greasy !

  3. Arbitrary Exploration
    Arbitrary Exploration says:

    I am not sure it would be a cottage. But with that many people you need that kind of space. It is nice to see you at home with your family!

  4. Junkfood Junction
    Junkfood Junction says:

    This looks awesome!!!!!  We are from Mississauga and are your newest SUB, hope you can sub back and maybe we can collab!!!!!!!!!!

  5. R AL
    R AL says:

    This video is so cozy, hygge and family bonding over the roof, I love it and it makes me miss the snow even more/ I haven’t seen snow in 7 years

  6. Play Hurling
    Play Hurling says:

    I love Canada! You guys are doing an amazing job showcasing this beautiful country! Keep up the amazing work, Sláinte!

  7. Darcy Marie TCB
    Darcy Marie TCB says:

    Oh I love this. It must be nice and cozy spending the holidays with all your family & loved ones. This is what true living means!! The doggie is precious. Great video!!😚🐶

  8. Ginny Coughlin
    Ginny Coughlin says:

    Sorry guys, but Togo steals the show. More Togo videos please! And an idea: take the Trans Siberian railroad, stop off at each point and try the food.

  9. Andy Y
    Andy Y says:

    Canada to me is like a very boring country. Nothing much to do or see and everything is quite expensive. I agree that the nature is beautiful but you dont always go out to see the nature 365 days a year. I want to get out of Canada so badly. I would rather live in Ukraine.

  10. Sandy Schaffer
    Sandy Schaffer says:

    Omg guys, I enjoyed this video so much that I don’t know how to even put it into words. I just loved it!!!!! It looked so beautiful there. The cabin was amazing. What a wonderful nice holiday with the family. And 0………. that togo. What a beatiful looking dog. You could just feel the strength he has when he jumped up for the stick. He was having such fun running in the snow and chasing you down the hill. And I adored his little coat with his name on it. And audrey, you look just like your mom. What a nice family!! Also sam, my husband and I go to the wine and food feast every year at split rock lodge ski resort in the poconos and we get that ice wine. It’s expensive but it’s good. Well I guess I covered it all, and I am gonna go back and watch the video again. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Love you guys and togo of course. Wishing you safe travels from Bethlehem pa. Can’t wait for the next video. Give the pup a kiss for me. Bye for now

  11. Effie Colida
    Effie Colida says:

    Sam and Audrey I loved this video it was made so beautiful what a beautiful family you guys have and of course Love Togo he is number 1

  12. Sumera Lloyd
    Sumera Lloyd says:

    Oh wow! Thanks Samuel & Audrey for showing us the Canadian winter)) I am going to Falls Creek in June(Aussie winter)which is 350 kilometers away from Melbourne to see snow for the first time.

  13. Todd Trumpet
    Todd Trumpet says:

    The timing on this video was surprisingly wonderful. Sure, it’s 3 months since Christmas, but since we’re now staring down the barrel of 7+ months of hot weather here in Southern California, it felt like the perfect time to look back at a little powdery snow mixed with holiday cheer. The "cabin" was beautiful as well. Nicely done. Oh, and one last thing: Whatagooddoggie… WHATaGOODdoggie…!

  14. Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester says:

    The pup was so funny chasing everyone down the hill.
    This was a great video.
    I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for sharing.


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