InDesign Advanced Course – Adobe InDesign CC 2018

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Adobe InDesign Advanced Tutorial by Bring Your Own Laptop, get your free downloadable exercise files and printable PDF above.

You’ll learn advanced font tricks using Typekit & Opentype fonts, font grouping & font pairing. Mastering colour features like the colour theme tool and colour modes as well as professional proofing for colours for print. We’ll set permanent defaults for fonts, colours & will learn how to turn hyphenation off for good, once and for all.

What would an advanced InDesign course be without all the tactics to fully control paragraphs, auto expanding boxes, spanning & splitting columns. You’ll become a Styles master, using nested styles, grep styles, next styles & advanced object styles.

We’ll make beautiful charts & graphs for your InDesign documents. You’ll learn the pros & cons of various digital distribution methods including Interactive PDF’s, EPUBs & the amazing Publish Online.

You’ll become a master of long, text heavy documents, autoflowing, primary text frames & smart text reflow, cross referencing, indexes, text variables & the InDesign book feature. There is entire section dedicated to how to speed up your personal workflow & how to speed up InDesign and get it running super fast.

We look at interactive forms & scripts. There is just so much we cover and I want to share everything here in the intro but I can’t. Have a look through the video list, there is an amazing amount we cover here in the course.

If you’re one of those people using InDesign and you know there is probably a better way, a faster way to work then this is your course.

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48 réponses
  1. Parth Gajjar
    Parth Gajjar dit :

    Wow good learning with you, thanks keep help up like this. Do more and we happy to learn with you. But we need photoshop and illustrator advanced course link, we don’t found it. Again thanks, we are learning from you, we need your support.

  2. Mark Elliot
    Mark Elliot dit :

    wow…. a previous commenter said it best, "Finally an InDesign video that doesn’t spend eight hours on absolute basics, but yet clearly explains intermediate and advanced strategies without skipping steps or assuming niche knowledge."

    Well done, subscribing asap and looking forward to the future!

  3. Nat Samson
    Nat Samson dit :

    Hello, thanks for many great tips! Regarding your "CYAN",
    I think this is the reason why: this could be due to paragraph shading feature (which has been introduced in CC2015 version).
    Default paragraph shading color is… C100M0Y0K0
    It seems to be part of the in-built indd prefs and that there’s no way to change it.

  4. Miron Swyst
    Miron Swyst dit :

    being a freelancer everyone wants to hit the ground running,… But if you get on diff machines…you are like a deer in headlights due to personalized settings in apps…the first thing is setting up quickly your workspaces and preference…would love to see the how to

  5. Deana Zelinova
    Deana Zelinova dit :

    Many thanks for fantastic course. Exactly what I needed small little tricks. I will jump right on your site to buy another course!

  6. Hotel Valentino BD
    Hotel Valentino BD dit :

    Super big THUMPS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gradually learning this tough one. You have entered deep into it. Thanks for making this one. I was there until end.

  7. CSUB School of Arts & Humanities
    CSUB School of Arts & Humanities dit :

    Your videos have convinced me to buy the full course. Finally a tutorial that is the perfect pace but with real world advice! Thank you!

  8. Garry Mathers
    Garry Mathers dit :

    instead of going back and forward to color object in native app – you can use inner glow (fx – adjust size / choke to suit) to save time and keep to current iD swatches.

  9. Joseph Schmidt
    Joseph Schmidt dit :

    Finally an InDesign video that doesn’t spend eight hours on absolute basics, but yet clearly explains intermediate and advanced strategies without skipping steps or assuming niche knowledge.

    Liked the video very soon. Multiple times while watching attempted to do so again. Never wanted to multiple-Like? a vid more than this one.

    Great stuff! Still on it, but will check out the extended course.

  10. Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse dit :

    Nice tutorial. My concern would be the placeholder text. Having it readable copy rather than "Xxxxx xx x xxxxx xxxx" will (most likely) create further issues at the pre publishing stage, especially if your asking an editor to in fill the copy for you. Unless your very meticulous in your pre publishing editing and spot checking.

  11. SthlmMaria
    SthlmMaria dit :

    Love this!! I will definitely buy the full course. Finally I can do design work without preprint anxiety attacks ;-D. Thanks!

  12. Kasandra Mathieson
    Kasandra Mathieson dit :

    What an absolutely excellent tutorial! Daniel is very clear, informative and easy to follow! I have been using inDesign for years and still learned so much in this video! Thanks so much for sharing what you know and I look forward to learning more!! Great, great class…..

  13. Leroy Lacle
    Leroy Lacle dit :

    I’m working with Indesign for 8 years or so now, so there was a lot in this video I already knew.
    but still there were a few handy things I never even heard of.
    You made my Indesign working experience a lot easier!

    Even if knew a lot already you kept me entertained to watch the whole thing big thumbs up for you!!

  14. Bernard Concha
    Bernard Concha dit :

    your intonations always vary all the time and often you speak pretty fast.. having a hard time catching some of your words

  15. Puneet Sharma
    Puneet Sharma dit :

    please help me sir how can create the maths and chemistry equcation in indesign cs6 or latest version i type the exam equation in adobe pagemaker but is its old software so i want a upgrade in it i want use indesign i want create a equation but i can;t create in it reply me as soon as possible thank u , please uplaod the full tutroials in step by step

  16. Frank TIelemans
    Frank TIelemans dit :

    Awesome video for an Indesign freak like me. 🙂
    Btw, a really great new free and superfast fontmanager is FontBase. It even works with Google fonts and you don’t have to download the fonts, you just activate them like typekit fonts.

    If you want to know the font in a website there is a small chrome extension called fontface ninja that does the work for you, no need to use match font in Photoshop.


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