How to Easily and Quickly change a Sky in Photoshop CC 2017 Tutorial

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The dress was made by Nathanaelle Couture follow her on Instagramm at

In this video I wlil show you how you can use the multiply mode to change the sky. I will show you a little secret sauce that I use to make it blend even more!

Then you can download for free the 2 skies being used for this photo composite and off course you can use it in your own projects.

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48 replies
  1. Jorge Castro
    Jorge Castro says:

    Serge Good morning. I got your sky replacement course along with the sky pictures but you don’t expalin on how load the pictures in Lightroom.

  2. Peter Amirault
    Peter Amirault says:

    Another person that likes to hear himself talk. Talks more about himself and the photo than he does about what the actual video is about.

  3. Paul Wence
    Paul Wence says:

    Merci Serge!!! This helps me a lot. I do property photography and needed to change the sky of some of my photos. Hope i can sign up to your photoshot activities in LA sometime. Going to Paris end of the month! Bonjour!!!

  4. Gary Altoonian
    Gary Altoonian says:

    You can do the same thing with a dark sky to add stars. Use "Exclusion" instead of "Multiply." I’m with Ghostrider03Z, how did someone figure this out? Thank you Serge!

  5. Wei Dang
    Wei Dang says:

    Man, I’m ve ry glad you uploaded this onlin e vide o on shading the skies. I pai d attention to your current guidelines and therefore was able to get remarkably around how I desired. I worked on it for four hours time so it was superb! And then I came across this unusual malfunction that I couldn’t resolve. I additionally tested out reinstalling the software a nd absolutely nothing. I ended up choosing a completely different version of the software program at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and it managed to work past the malfunction! Most likely the set up file I have was corrupted. I do not u nderstand h ow to loo k at that? Regardless, thanks to your current video footag e, I’m as a result ne xt to getting this enhancing down, that it’ll l ook like it is really po uring down rain whenever I am carried out! Who desires a university training co urse fo r photoshop, when ind ividuals can discover your amazing training videos to d emonstrate all of them, free of charge on youtube! Thanks again OP! I may publish my results after i co nsider I’ve got the heavy rain reworking effect down pat! Wei Dang, logging o ut.


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