Exterior modeling in 3ds max- Part 1

This is a beginners/intermediate tutorial in 3ds max that takes you step by step of modeling an Exterior of a house
Here are the files I used in the tutorial for referance:

This Tutorial was created by 4th dimension

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  1. Husna Alaa
    Husna Alaa says:

    First of all I’d like to say that your tutorials have been a great help for me for the last couple of months. They helped me develop so much when i was nothing but a beginner in 3ds MAX. I have one question that’s been bothering me for months now, when I drag the editable poly (like you did at 8:52) sometimes it doesn’t drag lines from each vertex and sometimes it does. I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s happening, I’d be so grateful if you can provide an answer for my question

  2. Haifa Salem
    Haifa Salem says:

    i used the same file you provided in the description box but when i imported i to 3dsmax the measurements were a bit bigger than yours like the door height instead of being 2.2m it was 5.8m! how can i fix my measurements so when i import form cad to max its the same?

  3. Jun Jung
    Jun Jung says:

    It’s been 4 years that u uploaded this video

    I have one simple question
    Is this example will work at auto cad 2018 version?

  4. Kb
    Kb says:

    When my snap toggle is on way i am not able to move the object to X or Y axis?in my pivot both X and Y is activate because of this i am not able to move to one direction.

    How to fix this?

  5. Michael Tadros
    Michael Tadros says:

    Very Helpful tutorial ! thank you so much !
    Could you please share a new link for the Autocad Files, cause the ‘megaupload’ website doesn’t work anymore?

  6. nicolas macias
    nicolas macias says:

    Thanks a lot man , i used 3d max a lot of time before since i studed industrial design and 3d animation but as you know the arch. modeling is some different , and for me wasnt hard , because i know the program since like 8 or more years before , and i study 3 years architecture , so i know the plane representations , which for me can be the hardest thing for any person who know 3d max and vray , but if it doesnt understand the planes , cant do anithing . Thanks again because even i have post and pregrade ,in this city arent work for designers , so i was like dying of hunger , jajajjaa,(sorry for my english).

  7. Ruan Neves
    Ruan Neves says:

    I bought a 3DS Max course about a month ago, if I had found your videos sooner I wouldn’t even have bothered… Awesome tutorial! Keep it up!


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