Photoshop training Calgary

Adobe Photoshop Course Calgary, Edmonton and VancouverAdobe Photoshop training in Montreal

Our photoshop training in business in Gatineau are at the cutting edge of new techniques. Our teachers Adobe Photoshop in Ottawa are seasoned professionals ready to help you with your productions. Our Adobe course are adapted to your needs and designed according to your experience and your project. An Adobe workshop Photoshop that fully meets your goals and level.

Learn the selection tools in Photoshop

  • single selection
  • lasso selection tools
  • magnetic lasso
  • use of the polygonal lasso
  • Magic wand
  • Quick selection tools

Understanding Photoshop and Layers

Photoshop CC course and colors
  • use of color palettes
  • color formats
  • create custom palettes
  • RGB vs. CYMK
    Learn how to create a new document

    • Navigate in the New Document dialog box
    • Select a document destination – Print, Web or Mobile
    • Save and access presets
    • Using Adobe Templates
    • Create and use frames
    • Place text
    • Select and edit text
    • Place graphics and images
    • Using the Content Viewer
Photoshop workshop for the web
  • using photoshop for websites
  • cut out a web mark
  • Design of advertising banners in photoshop
  • save for web
  • different image formats for creating websites
  • animation

the Adobe Photoshop CC course Montreal focuses on creating a document layout from scratch, reviewing layout and typography controls, working with layers, and creating multi-page documents.

This introductory workshop is suitable for everyone and requires no previous design experience. It's especially popular with marketing and communications teams as well as freelancers and editors.


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