Learn Adobe Animate in business in Ottawa

Welcome to our program Adobe Animate CC training in Ottawa, designed to give you an immersive and comprehensive learning experience in the world of animation and interactive multimedia. This Adobe course will equip you with essential skills to create captivating animations, banner ads, interactive content and much more, using the software Adobe Animate CC. Whether you are a beginner and discovering the basics, or a professional looking to deepen your knowledge, our tailor-made training will allow you to make the most of this powerful tool. Learn from our team of expert trainers, who will take you step-by-step through the course material, with hands-on exercises and real-world examples. Join us and improve your skills to the next level!

Adobe Animate CC training in Ottawa

Adobe Animate CC Corporate Workshop in Ottawa


  1. Introduction to Adobe Animate CC
    • Presentation of the software and its interface
    • Explore drawing and shape-making tools
  2. Creation of graphic elements
    • Using Symbols and Instances
    • Library and resource management
  3. Animation and interactivity
    • animation techniques basic: shape and motion tweening
    • Using Effects and filters to improve animations
    • Introduction to interactivity with actions and the ActionScript programming language
  4. Optimization and export
    • Optimized performance and file size
    • Export projects for the web and other media
  5. Final project and evaluation
    • Creation of a final project putting into practice the acquired skills
    • Evaluation and feedback
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Private Adobe Animate CC course in Ottawa

Our Adobe Animate CC course in Ottawa is designed to provide you with versatile and robust skills that will allow you to create dynamic and interactive digital content. Our hands-on pedagogical approach ensures that you can apply your new knowledge to bring your personal or professional projects to life. Join us today and take a giant step towards becoming an expert in animation and multimedia thanks to Adobe Animate CC, which will undoubtedly propel your career.

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