Adobe Muse Quebec Training

Adobe Muse training in QuebecAdobe Muse courses in Ottawa, Gatineau


In this training devoted to the presentation of Muse, discover this young software that allows graphic designers from print to not be confused when creating static websites. From structure management with templates to the export of pages through their design, everything has been planned to simplify the life of the designer.


  • Create a website
  • Create and manage pages
  • Headers and footers
  • Place an image on the page
  • Format text on a page
  • States: Normal, Hover, Click and Active

Course content

  • Working methods
  • Navigation between pages
  • Manipulate pages in outline mode
  • Place text on a page
  • Pin items to the browser window
  • Element across the width of a window


Be creative and have basic knowledge of the Internet.

Pedagogical approach

The courses ofAdobe Muse are based on a personalized and practical approach that takes into account your achievements, your skills, your project and what you want to learn. You must have good creativity for design and positioning.


Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

[email protected]

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