Adobe Flash Ottawa Training

Flash animation workshop in Ottawa Gatineau

Adobe is one of the most important and essential software suites for

professionals working in the telecommunications sector. It contains

applications which adapt perfectly to new technologies and which make it possible to

many works. In this regard, Adobe Flash is a very useful application for designing

interactive content. So, whether you are an individual, a professional or a company,

this training will help you to have a hand in as well as a better understanding of

the set of tools that allow the creation of interactive multimedia content. And if you

are a structure that is located at Ottawa, Gatineau or Hull, you may have the chance to

take advantage of on-the-job training.

Required prerequisites

Knowledge of computer basics

Training aims

Know the basics of Flash

Understand how it works

Mastering Adobe Flash software

Know how to create interactive multimedia animations

Training program

Software overview Adobe Flash

General use of the software

Impact of software in a company's marketing plan

How the Flash animation ensures the visibility of your structure.

Overview of the different Flash Players

Understanding the software interface

Capture the organization of the entire workspace

Master the history panel and know how to memorize software commands

drawing tools

Overview of vector drawing tools

Workshop on the use of the tools of vector drawing

The different forms of vector drawings

Import and change image to vector

Graphics creation

Texts and symbols

Understanding text formatting

What is the process of vectorizing a text?

How to Add Effects to Text

Animated text design

Font customization

How to create a symbol

How to use all aspects of a button: simple, rollover, animated, translucent

Make Movie clip

Know how to modify the different aspects of occurrences

design animations

Concise course on the design ofanimation

How to set the dimensions of your animation

How to integrate effects

Adding layer

Importing audio files and image files

Insert the different basic actions for a 2D animation

How to embed an animation on a page HTML.

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