Image from page 498 of “The fairies’ cabinet : or, a Collection chosen tales, fairies, and other fairy tales” (1785)

Image from page 498 of “The fairies’ cabinet : or, a Collection chosen tales, fairies, and other fairy tales” (1785)
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Title: The fairies ‘ cabinet : or, a Collection chosen tales, fairies, and other fairy tales
Year: 1785 (1780s)
Authors: Mayer Charles-Joseph 1751-ac 1825, editor Marillier Clement Stone, 1740-1808, illustrator Cardonne Denis-Dominique. translator Caylus Anne-Claude-Philippe de Tubières-Grimoard de Pestels de Levis (1692-1765 count) Cazotte, Jacques. translator Chaikh Zadeh, Ahmed Misri (dit) Fagnan Marie Antoinette (Ms.) Fénelon François de Salignac de La Mothe 1651-1715) Bidpai Loqman Galland Antoine. translator Aulnoy Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville (1650-1705 baroness d’) Auneuil, Louise of Bossigny (comtesse d’) Gueulette Thomas Simon Hamilton, Antoine (count) Caumont La Force, Charlotte-Rose de (1650-1724) The Porte, Joseph de (Abbé) The Merchant, Françoise Duché de Vancy (Ms) Leprince de Beaumont, Marie (Mrs.) L’Eveque Louise Rider (lady) L’Heir Of Villandon, Marie-Jeanne Lintot Catherine Cailleau (lady) Lubert (Mlle de) Beauchamps, Pierre-François Godard de Murat Henriette-Julie de Castelnau (1670-1716 countess of) Nadal Augustine (1659-1741) Perrault Charles Pétis de La Croix, François, 1653-1713). translator Prechac, Jean de Morell Charles Sir, 1736-1765) Robinet Jean-Baptiste-René. translator Ussieux (Mme d’). translator Villeneuve Gabrielle-Suzanne de (1695?-1755) Wieland Christophe Martin Chavis Denis (Dom). translator Coypel Charles-Antoine Duclos Charles Pinot
Subjects: Fairy tales
Publisher: in Geneva : Chez Barde, Manget & Company & is a Paris : Chez Couchet
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ois , expofée to the wolves & the rmo^sdont he had fouvent heard. During that faifoit ion poiîible to flex laivieille , the giant Chicortin 5 chailoîtTours in the forests and paiTa to deMignonnette; it was the king > or rather letyran of the country. Again, he found that charming ; but he was iurpris do not find charmed to see him ; & fans him direautre chofe , he gave order to those who lefiiivoient to take that little iiUe, &the give him mad fon’s arm ; he was obeyed,& spicy of the two , he won promptemciitle path of fa capital ; the shouts of Coarse could soften 6i this Futalors what fe repentit have been défobéir- – fànte , but there was more time ; these same cries broke the converlatioii dePinçon & of the old ; he left hrufque-ment ; &. current in the place where he>oît laiiTéMignonnette , what was the fa pain when it cAùyi oiiJiy /ic^ l^m . 2 4./jajf. 4 J^

Text Appearing After Image:
C. DD.MarUL M î C N O N N E T T E. 4S9 the Saw crazy arm of the giant? He eft very-sûrque sil had been with her at the time of this violence , he would have perished a thousand times rather than the fouffrir > but he lost promptly of cnvs Chicottin & fa leakage; & fansregarder other chofe that the trace of the horses, ^ he walked along their steps. The day quifilit could not allow him to go further , &c,lobfcurité of the night and dipped it in a state of pain that only ef can understand it.efl: believe even that nauroit no laforce dy réfifler ; but sétant aiïis , it ap”perceived in fes alongside a small light , quilprit first for a worm luifant which he nefit not attention. This light augmentafi confidérablement in the leak, quelledevint going to great to contain a woman dressed in brown , who said to him; in*lez-you 5 Pinçon, do you abandonnezpoint the défefpoir ; take this flask &this pannetière, you’ll always find them filled with c

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